Monday, December 21, 2009

No Lessons To Take From Hard-Left Toronto Star

So the Toronto Star is whining and bitching about the Conservatives a LOT these days, I've noticed.

They're totally piling it on, waging all-out jihad against the Tories.

In this grumpy editorial, for example, they're bashing the Tories for what they say about Leftists.

Oh, but how hypocritical.

Remember that the Left (and the TS is hard-left, no doubt) calls anyone who disagrees with them "racist", "sexist", "homophobe", "Islamophobe", etc., etc...

So the TS is in no position to be complaining.

They end with:
The Conservatives invite contempt with these endless, over-the-top smears. They discredit their party and its policies.

Well, I'd say that the Left (and the TS is hard-left) should apply that statement to themselves!

ht: NNW


Enkidu said...

One thing the left excels at is projecting their own flaws onto their opponents.

Jen said...

Exactly!, Enkidu. They T/S, hate their own country, her citizens her flag, her troops.
T/S, is the liberals personal rag to clean with too crap on. even when you use the paper for the bird cage, the bird itself will faint or 'drop dead from fright.