Saturday, March 04, 2006

Jihadist Goes Bananas in America

Iranian national Mohammed Reza Taheriazar, Islamic terrorist

Stories: Northeast Intelligence Network,

Michelle Malkin,


Taheriazar, according to himself, acquired the largest sport utility vehicle he could in order to commit this act of terrorism by plowing through a large group of people. Taheriazar declared he did it in retaliation for his perceived treatment of Muslims around the world.
He hit a number of people, injuring them. Though there were no fatalities, authorities plan to charge him with attempted murder.
"He slowly came in, and I thought he was going to stop or something," sophomore Scot Wilson, a candidate for BSM vice president, told The Daily Tar Heel. "But then he sped right through."
-News14 Carolina
This is premeditated, coldly calculated attempted murder with motive to exact revenge in the name of the terrorist's own brethren. Upon innocents. He is an illegal combatant. It is not combat; it's terrorism, pure and simple.
Thank goodness there were no fatalities. The filthy SOB is so lucky. North Carolina, after all, has the death penalty.
Perhaps he should spend time in Gitmo. Perhaps Abu Ghraib. This would send a message to all potential Jihadists. It would likely make them think long and hard about the possiblity of real consequences to self for acts of cowardice such as this filthy, stinking rodent in a suit and glasses has committed.
Whatever would deter future acts of violence such as this would be fine with me.
I'd like to see the authorities and the MSM, regardless of the facts of the case, just try to downplay the act as just some guy going crazy for no reason whatsoever. Facts are that an Iranian national of Islamic faith committed this act as terrorism on behalf of members of his faith.
Yes, it was a terrorist act. In America. We did not make this up.
Is America... and the world watching this and other terrorist acts? Are people in the Free World still opting for the warm and fuzzy psychological refuge of blissful ignorance while dangers swirl around them as sharks in the water? Do people not see it coming?