Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Americans Want Military Trials For 9/11 Masterminds

"See this little book here? It says I have to kill you because you're not like me, not a Muslim, in other words, you're not a person but rather an animal. And I take it totally seriously, because it's Allah's command! Nothing personal, just my Islamic duty."

Hateful Islamic supremacist monsters from afar like this one pictured above aren't American citizens and don't have any Constitutional rights as Americans because they're NOT Americans, a fundamental fact which Obama and the Demmies don't care about. They want to equate foreign, hateful murderers, hateful supremacists, to innocent American citizens who threaten no one, just to be "nice" and all that hard-left nonsense crap!

A loud, stinging virtual slap to the smugly arrogant faces of Dastardly Dictator Obama and his Dummy Dhimmi Demmies.

Their blubbery butts could use a good spanking as well for their astonishing, and decidedly dangerous, stupidity.

Two-thirds of Americans disagree with the Obamacrat Reich. They want proper military trials for America's enemies.

And they want the enemies dead, too.

Even many, a fifth, who "generally oppose" the death penalty, actually want Khalid Sheikh Mohammed dead. Now, that's something. Even bleeding-heart Leftists want KSM dead. Kind of like wanting Hitler dead, y'know. C'mon, Obama and Demmies... think about that. What, you don't want to think? Damn. Fecking lazy, useless, entitlist bums! Typical hard-left imbeciles. Can you believe these assholes? They actually believe that stubbornly refusing to use their brains at all is somehow a "human right"! That's unacceptable, no good at all, can't have that attitude coming from the employees of the People who pay them to use their brains and to do the right thing, neither of which is happening. Let's throw the bums out ASAP. And impeach the Biggest Bum of All, Obama, ASAP... just do it, to save America!

The longer these rabid bulls in a china shop are in power in America, the worse off America will be.

Hey, we executed most of the Nazis at Nuremberg, didn't we? We had to, obviously, to make it clear that their ideology and behavior would not be tolerated.

Why don't we treat the Muslim Nazis like we treated the German Nazis? What's the difference? Many Muslims were also part of the German Nazi forces in WWII, after all...

If we're "nice" to our mortal enemies, what message does that send to them? I'll tell you. It sends the message: "Come and kill us!".

Really, we want to send the right message. Treat the enemy harshly and terminate them swiftly. That's the only message that will make any kind of impression on them. It's the only language they understand, for they're that far gone off the cliff already.