Sunday, November 22, 2009

Liberal Party DEAD: Janine Krieber

It's over.

Janine Krieber, l, and hubby, ex-Liberal leader Stephane Dion, mourning the loss


"TIME FOR CHOICES", says ex-Lib leader Dion's wife

ht: NNW

Yep, ex-Liberal leader Stephane Dion's de-facto second mommy who dresses him funny and even buys his gitchies, is declaring the Liberal Party of Canada a spent force, a dead duck, er, puffin.

She's pulling the sheet over the party's face...

Her declaration, en Francais, is at the link.

The G&M's translation also.

She calls current "Leader" Michael Ignatieff "la presidente", an allusion to his being essentially as American as Canadian, if not more so. She calls him "lazy". Either that, or she's talking about Obama.

She says that by abandoning the reviled-by-mainstream-Canadians, hard-left "coalition" (remember the coup-plotting trio of almost a year ago, the Three Stooges of the LPC, the NDP and the BQ?), the party will be punished by history.

She says the LPC has been dead for years.

She blames the "Toronto elites".

She rejects Mr. Ignatieff's "change" of tune on the topic of torture and doesn't trust him not to change his tune again.

She also says that the Liberal Party doesn't respect the work ethic and that Liberals' smiles are fake.

Clearly she's turned her back on the party. This is becoming very common- many have already and more are continuing to leave the party in droves as well.

By the way, it's not I who said it. A former Liberal, and former would've-been First Lady, said it.

Above: Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff, in zoom-in view and in zoom-out view