Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Allow Jewish Settlements To Expand: Palin

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See, folks? Sarah Palin, while a beautiful woman, yes (nothing wrong with that, except in the minds of prejudiced Leftists), has substance on the policy front, including in foreign affairs. In this instance, her position is the opposite of that of the Obama regime, which is always trying to bully Israel.

You know, for the "Palestinian" Muslims to say that it's unacceptable for Jews to build more houses on territory which rightfully belongs to Israel (the "West Bank") is really nothing more than anti-Jewish xenophobia.

The best way to understand the truth of the situation is to educate oneself the hard way on the true history of what happened in the area. To just let the Big Old Media fill oneself up with myths and prejudices is no good.

Yes, it's Israeli land, legally. The "Palestinians" have no legitimate claim to it. They should be happy they weren't massacred or forcibly deported after the Six-Days' War in which Israel successfully defended herself against the attacking Muslim nations (the "West Bank" was actually Jordanian territory captured legally in war by Israel, hence Israel's right to the territory).

The fact is that the Muslim World cleansed itself of non-Muslims, deporting by force the Jews, Christians, etc., because the Islamic Ummah hates and excludes non-Muslims, as required by Islam.

Many of those wrongly, inhumanely exiled from the hateful Muslim nations settled in Israel, which was created by the United Nations and donated by the United Kingdom, who formerly controlled the land colonially.

Israel is a tiny little sliver of desert in the middle of a massive surrounding Islamic Ummah, which is a very, very hostile, xenophobic, largely backwards empire. Israel only wants to exist in peace. The Islamic Ummah won't accept Israel because Israel isn't Islamic, period, therefore they've been seeking to destroy Israel right from her very founding.

After successfully defending herself against the Islamic supremacist attackers and legally capturing "Gaza" and the "West Bank", what did Israel do? Unlike the Islamic Ummah, Israel didn't cleanse the area of Muslims, but rather, being humane and respecting all peoples as equals, Israel allowed the inhabitants to remain and take part in the normal society and economy if they so chose.

It's not Israel's fault that the "Palestinian" Muslims are ungrateful for not being cleansed from the areas. It's also not Israel's fault that the Islamic Ummah has since disallowed any "Palestinians" at all to migrate to the Islamic nations to resettle. So the Muslims currently in the so-called "Palestinian" areas don't like Jews? Well, too bad. They need to learn to accept people who are different. Muslims need to learn to accept non-Muslims as equals, and to be tolerant of them, to live peacefully, respectfully, etc., amongst them as equals. But the Muslims don't want to do this, because they're supposed by Islam to be hateful and intolerant of Jews as well as other non-Muslims. Shame! And they try to make the world think it's all Israel's fault? Hoo-boy!

You see why I stand with Israel? Because Israel is righteous and humane whereas the Islamic Ummah is nothing but hateful and supremacist!

It's the inconvenient truth. Which the Big Old Media will not tell us. Wonder why?

Knesset member slams Obama as 'racist' for demand for halt to Jewish settlements
"President Obama should not interfere with the rights of the Jewish people to live in Jerusalem," said Likud Knesset Member Danny Danon. "This ... is a racist demand, saying that Jews cannot live in Jerusalem, only Arabs."

Danon continued: "Our duty is to the nation that chose to deepen the settlement across Judea and Samaria, and of course Jerusalem. We will fulfill that duty, even at the cost of ignoring Obama and his advisers."


In a separate statement, he told WND "the answer to Obama's racist request not to permit Jewish building in Jerusalem was given today when we initiated the construction of another Jewish neighborhood in Nof Zion (eastern Jerusalem)."

"The people in Israel are united behind Netanyahu's position regarding eternal rights of Jews to build and live in Jerusalem," he added.

Obama, as well as Muslims who call themselves "Palestinian", must accept the Jewish People as equals with equal human rights and accept that the land belonging to Israel does indeed belong to Israel.

The Muslims can live there in peace with the Jews if they so choose.

It's not Israel's, nor the Jewish Peoples', fault that the Muslims don't want to accept the Jews as equals and choose instead to try to wipe them out.

The world must bring the pressure to bear upon the Islamic world to accept Jews and other non-Muslims as equals!

Why aren't the Muslims held to the same human-rights-respecting standard as other peoples? Why are the Muslims allowed to be haters and bigots and xenophobes and apartheidists?

The only possibility for peace is for the Muslims to accept Jews as equals and to live amongst them as equals in a peaceful society. Period.

Muslims, stop your hatred. The Jews are not going to go away. They're here to stay, so you better get used to it.