Monday, November 30, 2009

Again, Those "Experts"

"Experts". You see them mentioned in Big Old Media headlines.

Especially when the story is negative against non-Leftist politicians and governments.

Note the subheading,
"If we don’t have a public service that speaks truth to power we might as well have everything run out of the Prime Minister’s Office.”
Double-take. Feeling of deja-vu. Mentally picturing the Obama Propaganda Machine.

"Truth to power".

Ah. An Obamite slogan.

In Canada.

Obamite "experts" in Canada. Talking American Obammunism talking points. Well, no surprise. After all, I hear that there's actually an ACORN-Canada... you know, a Canadian arm of the child-prostitution/vote fraud/brownshirt-thug-heavy racket who helped Obama get elected!

They sound like... LEFTISTS whom the Big Old Media, for some reason, is calling "experts".

I wonder what these "experts" think of the Obamacrat Reich's unprecedentedly intolerant attitude towards civil servants who "speak truth to power" against the current regime in Washington...

Unfortunately, as we've seen from their militating against the Conservatives after thirteen years of virtually always submitting to whatever the Liberal Reich imposed onto Canada, the public service isn't quite as "independent and non-partisan" as the so-called "experts" want us to believe.

Generally, public servants have been psychologically leftified by the civil-service culture. The Leftist unions see to it that all civil servants are constantly exposed to Leftist ideological imperative. Been there, and experienced the peer pressure to conform. Too many civil servants are simply too Leftist. Shit, I've even been physically assaulted by one obviously mentally-disordered, paranoid, pampered-unionist, entitlist, uber-leftist for simply joking when seeing co-workers hanging around the water-cooler, saying, "Workin' hard, eh?".

So the "experts" really don't know what they're talking about. Some "experts". They just want to bash the Conservatives.

Besides, the diplomat in question, Richard Colvin, is simply spewing second-and-third-hand hearsay from the Enemy whose agenda is obviously to harm Canadian Forces and the Canadian government. Duh! HEARSAY FROM THE ENEMY!

Why take that guy seriously? He himself should be taking ENEMY PROPAGANDA with a grain of salt, not taking it seriously. But he knows that screaming the allegations from the rooftops will give his comrades in the Leftist Opposition a reason to bludgeon the Government. At a time of war, no less!

Who are the supposed "experts"?

A "law professor at the University of Ottawa". Oh. Anyone who's a professor is naturally an "expert". Suuuuure. Riiiiiight. Don't make me laugh so hard! I mean, hey, Obama used to be a professor. And look how gosh-darned knowing-nothing-about-stuff he is! It's a marvel he managed to somehow get into the White House (of course, when you have a billionaire ex-Nazi-collaborator paying millions and millions for all the propaganda and the fake demonstrations and controlling the You-Worshipping Big Old Media)...

And don't forget that Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff used to be professors. And look how idiotic these guys have shown us they are. Experts, indeed!

"Dismantling of Canada's public service", the professor alleges? Sure. As if we see evidence of this. Such evidence would be quite extreme, but there's none whatsoever. What a lunatic conspiracy theorist, eh! Why is citing an obvious Left-wing propagandist? They don't have to listen to him any more than they have to listen to critics of Obama. Hell, they could actually attack him as a crackpot, like the Big Old Media attacks Obama's critics!

Besides, he uttered the Obamite slogan, "speak truth to power". Barf-barf!

At least political scientist Don Savoie is more rational and points out that if there's any problem here, it began with the Liberals.

Unionist Ron Cochrane claims that the "substance of what (Colvin) said isn't in dispute". Oh, yes it is, Ronnie! The allegations come from the Enemy, and there's no evidence. Not in dispute, indeed! "Just doing his (Colvin's) job", indeed! And spewing nothing but zero-credibility hearsay without corroborating evidence! That's not his job! I'm speaking truth to the power of the Unions, buddy!

Funny how somebody at thought it fitting to refer to, amongst others, a unionist as an "expert". A unionist! Hey, the now-finally-criminally charged, violent, racist thugs of the Obamacrat Reich-protecting SEIU who beat up a black conservative Tea Party guy are hardly worthy of being called "experts" in anything. We know what kind of folks union activists are.

Speaking of union activists, how about those selfish, greedy healthcare workers, unionized themselves, going on strike and using the sick, injured, suffering... and dying as bargaining tools? That's mean-spirited, hateful and evil! Experts, my ass!

(With empathy for those workers who are actually oppressed victims of unions to which they never did, and still don't, want to belong, as their right to choose with respect to their constitutionally-guaranteed freedom to associate or not associate has not been respected by the Fascist Leftist Powers That Be).

Funny how these Leftist "experts" want us to believe that civil servants are unscrupulous, non-idelogical, non-partisan and would never spew unbelievable bullshit against a Conservative government. Why should we believe that there aren't any corrupt public servants?

After all, remember Chuck Guite? He was nothing less than an accomplice of the Liberals during ADSCAM. And he lied. And he's just the tip of the iceberg.

The government is well within its rights to question the credibility of public servants to make unfounded allegations against it, particularly when it gives a big gift to the Leftist Opposition!

I wish these same "experts" would be similarly critical of the tyrannical Obamacrat Reich!

Sorry,, but while you're better than most of the rest of the Canadian Big Media, you still screwed up with this report. Rethink it.