Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Climategaters Try To Bar Critical Press From Attending

Hard to believe they're still going ahead with the Copenhagen Climategate thing, pretending that the entire global warming/climate change thing has been EXPOSED AS A BIG FAT LIE, A FRAUD, OF UNPRECEDENTED WORLDWIDE PROPORTIONS.

Yes, folks. You don't have to worry about carbon emissions at all anymore. Because the whole thing was always a Big Lie, a massive, historic criminal conspiracy by many corrupt, greedy fraudsters.

So if you can afford a Humvee and gas at any price, go ahead and buy one. And drive the fecking hell out of it as much as you want! Eat beans all day long, too! Buy 100+ watt incandescent lightbulbs! Turn up the heat or A/C! Drill, baby, drill! Extract, baby, extract! Suck up the Oilsands! Build more refineries! All right here AT HOME! Best of all, it'll allow our economy to BOOM again, and for great jobs with great pay to all come back again! How could anyone in their right mind say no to that?

And tell Al Gore and the big, fat old quad-turbojet plane he flew in on to feck off!

Digging themselves even deeper than the six feet they've already reached, the hypocritical-asshole, international-terrorist Climategaters try to prevent serious, critical, questioning, analytical press folks like World Net Daily from attending the event. They're no better than their Precious Prophet Obama, who tries to blacklist the serious-news-and-critical-analysis, inconvenient FOX News, the most-watched news network of all (by a massive, massive margin)!

They're trying to ignore World Net Daily veteran journalist Jerome Corsi's repeated requests for press credentials, just because they want to, and for no valid reason.

Well, guess what? WND isn't going to go away.

They're going, if no response comes to their requests, to sue the bastards' asses, and that's going to add to the negative press already going arount about the whole Climategate fraud.
"Your refusal to respond to these contacts leads to the conclusion that UNFCCC believes that if it ignores Dr. Corsi, he 'will go away,'" wrote Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation. "Nothing can be further from the truth. If he is denied press credentials to this event as a result of the acts, or omissions, of UNFCCC, litigation will ensue that will result in substantial negative press coverage for UNFCCC, and for the attendees at the Copenhagen Conference as well. The specter of UNFCCC trying to allow attendance at the conference only of journalists who will report in what UNFCCC views to be a positive manner on the conference will not sit well with the American public, no matter what the outcome of the litigation."
Obviously the Climategaters want only press folks who are already onside with the fraud and who will report only favorably, following and propagating the Big Lie brainlessly, unquestioningly, blindly faithfully.