Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Racial Supremacists Arrested Following Hateful Attacks

Story here.

Is it me, or has there been a noticeable upsurge in racists going around attacking different-race people ever since the election of Obama?

You know, folks on Obama's side suggested that there'd be lots more racism in America as a result of Obama's election.

Maybe there has been. Or maybe it's just getting reported more? Dunno.

But one thing's for certain:

There's hardly any reports at all of white supremacists attacking non-whites in America

It's pretty much only the other way around.

But the denial on the part of the Left, well, expect it. Expect them to continue raising the alarm about unseen "white supremacists" running amok all over the place, whilst ignoring cases like this one.

How come only one kind of racism, ie. white racism, alarms the Left and the Big Old Media? How come they don't find racism to be as alarming and equally worthy of new, stronger "hate crimes" legislation, social activism and public education when non-whites perpetuate it?

Perhaps it's because the Left and the Big Old Media are racist? Or at least incredibly stupid and misinformed as to reality?

Listen up.

Racism is wrong, period. Always wrong, no matter who's being the racist, no matter how light or dark their skin. Got that?