Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Palin Photog Breached Contract By Pic Sale To Newsweek

The Runners World picture that was wrongly sold by the photographer to Newsweek

Background: Palin Offended By Newsweek's 'Sexist' Cover Pic

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Indeed, I was wondering how Newsweek came across this picture, how they got permission to use it, as it's obviously copyrighted.

Newsweek claims that it's all they had at the time they did the cover, that it was the best pic they could find "to best convey their message", whatever that is (obviously, their intended message, a malicious, sexist propaganda attack actually, is to manipulate readers and cover-glancers at newsstands into believing that Sarah Palin must be some kind of hot-babe bimbo unworthy of even initial consideration/examination as potential Presidential material).

Newsweek obviously, like the Obamacrat folks et al, wants Americans to summarily dismiss Sarah Palin by manipulating them into believing that she's already been demonstrated to be "bad" or whatever, which, in fact, has NOT happened at all. Really, there's NOTHING bad about Sarah Palin at all, and the Obamacrat folks et al know this, as they've tried to dig up some dirt and failed. So what do they do? They engage the Goebellian Big Lie strategy to demonize Sarah Palin just like Hitler's Nazis demonized the Jews and manipulated the Germanfolk into hating them. The Obamacrat folks et al want Americans to hate Sarah Palin, period, just because they don't want her to run against Obama or whomever they nominate to be the next President.

Obviously, the Left sees Sarah Palin as their biggest electoral threat. Why else would they pull out all the stops and do whatever they can to try to destroy her in the perceptions of Americans right from the very start, and never, never, never let up?

It's like an INTIFADA! Yes, that's right... the American Left is waging an INTIFADA of terror against Sarah Palin, an innocent woman who just wants to do what she can for her country.

In other words, the American Left, the Obamacrat folks et al, the Big Old Media... they HATE Sarah Palin just like Hitler hated the Jews, just like the "Palestinians" and other Islamic supremacists hate the Jews, just like the Democratic Party has historically hated (and might actually still, believe it or not, hate) the Blacks (they begat the KKK, after all- Google it if this is news to you).

Their problem with Sarah Palin is that they're prejudiced against her. They simply hate her for no valid reason at all. It's no different from racism, sexism, etc. Hate is hate is hate, and the American Left is hateful, period... hateful!

Interesting... Newsweek actually bought the picture, specifically choosing that particular cheesecake picture. Not a tasteful picture- they don't want to make Palin look good, obviously, for to do so would in turn hurt their Messiah Obama. This is obviously premeditated, deliberate, in service of their aim to manipulate Americans' perceptions of Palin. And they're not the only magazine to want to buy the cheesecake pic, either! Looks like there's other Leftist propaganda tabloids who want to use the leggy pic of Palin for probably the same objective. Sexist? Oh, yes. Anti-conservative? Oh, yes. But, hey, what do you expect from the Left? The Left is hypocritical, practices double standards, is unethical, immoral, will do whatever it takes to cheat to win, etc., etc...

Like hell they'd do something like this to Obama. No way. They'll always go out of their way to make their Fuhrer look "almost like a god", no matter what!