Sunday, November 15, 2009

Zelaya An Undemocratic Neo-Commie Despot-Wannabe

Manuel Zelaya
, the properly, legally, constitutionally stripped-of-power, exiled dictator-wannabe of Honduras, says he will "not recognize" any democratic votes by the Honduran People. (Of course, he realizes he wouldn't win such votes, therefore he simply, arrogantly, madly rejects them beforehand).

He wants to be the Head Honcho of Honduras without the Peoples' democratic consent.

Why, therefore, are so many heads of state of the Free World still supporting this piece of crap with a mustache?

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya insisted late Saturday that he will not accept any deal to restore him to office if it means he must recognize elections later this month.

In a letter addressed to President Barack Obama, Zelaya also repeated his accusation that Washington reversed its stance on whether the Nov. 29 vote should be considered legitimate if he was not in office.

"As the elected president of the Honduran people, I reaffirm my position that starting today, no matter what, I will not accept any agreement on returning to the presidency of the republic to cover up this coup d'etat," Zelaya said, reading from the letter on Globo radio.

Sure, he was elected. But his subsequent behavior was criminal, unconstitutional, undemocratic, so he was properly removed from power as per the Honduran Constitution that applies to all Presidents. The Honduran Supreme Court approved his removal and exile. Must respect the Supreme Court's decision, the Left keeps chanting, after all. (If the Left, however, doesn't say to respect the SCOH's decision, then the Left must stop saying that the SCOTUS's decision in Roe vs Wade must be respected. Double standards and hypocrisy as convenient for the Left must not be tolerated and must be fiercely opposed.)

Zelaya, who bears a striking resemblance to the late, unmissed Saddam Hussein, wants to be President again, just like that, notwithstanding the reality that he's not allowed to be. Not without another election, anyway, which he says he wouldn't give a crap about. See, he's a madman. Not only is he a rabid Judeophobe/Israelophobe and a hilariously ridiculous conspiracy theorist crackpot, he's delusional about pretty much everything, too.

Obama and the Free World must now abandon this dangerous neo-communist despot-wannabe.