Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hatchet-Man Donolo Fires Warren Kinsella

Peter Donolo, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's new Chief of Staff, has done what the hapless Iffy himself couldn't, or never thought to do- he fired Warren Kinsella, the guy who's been contributing as much to the Liberals' problems as is Iffy himself.

Ezra Levant discusses in "Donolo fires Kinsella; Ignatieff's poll numbers set to rise" .

(Simply firing The Clown Man isn't going to necessarily help Iffy and the Liberals, as, after all, the core problem is far, far deeper than that, and involves the very essence of the Party itself as a corrupt, greedy, selfish, too-frequently-falling-down-to-the-hard-left organization which only seeks power and money for themselves and their cronies/comrades, and has demonstrated that they don't give much of a damn for Canada and Canadians).

A taste of Ezra's analysis:

Last week I asked the obvious question: did Donolo fire Warren Kinsella, the frat boy in charge of Ignatieff's gaffe-prone war room? Given Kinsella's string of highly publicized failures (here's a particularly embarrassing one), it seemed obvious. A close inspection of Donolo's new organizational chart shows that, indeed, the great restaurant critic and girls' school guidance counselor had been shown the door.

Does anyone see a pattern here? Kinsella has been told "thanks, but no thanks" by many people who have worked with him, from the consulting firm Navigator, to the National Post where he had a column, to the Canadian Jewish Congress where he served on a committee until he threatened to blacklist the Canada-Israel Committee. It's not just him being fired; it's him firing back at his former employers and even former friends, publicly and viciously. To me, nothing tells that unhappy story better than Kinsella's bizarre and brutal attacks on TVO's Steve Paikin -- attacks that, of course, only blew up in Kinsella's own face. What a social misfit.


When Ignatieff hired Kinsella, the Liberals were essentially tied with the Conservatives. On the day Donolo fired Kinsella, the Liberals are 15% behind. I call it the Kinsella Effect; Donolo calls it time to end amateur hour, and bring in some grown-ups.

Though I'm a Conservative booster, I've got to be candid: I predict that with Kinsella gone, Ignatieff will begin to close that 15-point gap.

I'll agree that the gap in the polls will likely close somewhat, as it's naturally difficult to maintain a gap of this size, no matter which party we're talking about being in the lead.

But simply booting Catmeat Man isn't going to be enough, I'm afraid. Numerous reasons, and it remains to be seen whether Peter Donolo has the fortitude and gonads to go after the fundamental, essential, core institutional, cultural, ideological, philosophical, etc. problems of the Liberal Party of Canada so as to be attractive to ordinary, grassroots Canadians (those with functioning brains) again.

By the way, I've got a message for the hapless, unfortunate Warren:

Ok now, it's probably time to forget about Warren Kinsella (for a while, maybe) now that he's no longer in the Liberal War Room and that we vigilant bloggers have kicked his ass enough to make it clear to one Liberal with a brain that he had to go...