Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lazy-Minded Lefty Spotlight: Martha Stewart

Yep. Martha Stewart, the convicted felon.

What'd she do now?

She came unhinged, appearing as if drunk or stoned or something, and suddenly blurted out the bizarre, unfounded declaration that Sarah Palin is "dangerous". (Video)

Sheesh. Talk about Leftist Mental Disorder, eh!

These folks have no bloody idea why they believe and say the things they do. They just do.

Why? Brainwashing, most frequently.

Asked to make a case, they simply cannot. Because no case was made to them, for they were just told "what's what" by folks who either were themselves brainwashed or were deliberately spreading lies or misinformation. Like, you know, the Big Old Media, who usually deliver the propaganda subtly, dressing up their rehashing of the same propagandic nonsense as "news", when it's really just a variation on the same old nonsense theme, and really unworthy of mention at all. Yet they keep on keeping on with the subliminal message (the brainwashing suffered by those who habitually watch network news by ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and read papers like the NYT) they're told by their bosses to impart. That's how they effect the brainwashing we observe apparent in unfortunate folks like Ms. Stewart.

It's just that they were told and had heard so many, many, many times that there's supposed to be "something bad, horrible, awful, terrible" about Sarah Palin. What the bad thing is, they don't know- they just believe it because the Big Old Media and their peers keep on saying it's so. Kind of like the stupid kids who beat up a redheaded boy after seeing a certain episode of "South Park" about redheads supposedly being bad just because of the color of their hair. Kind of like racists who are that way because they were brought up that way. You get the picture. It's received, unquestioned prejudice. One believes what one's been told to believe, and one complies due to the social pressure factor. It's astonishing, how far people will go with these delusions borne of social brainwashing. We saw it in Germany with the Holocaust. We see it in the "Palestinians" and their murderous hatred of Jews and Israel due to the strategic, widespread, incessant brainwashing imparted by the "Palestinian Authority". We see it in those who hate America and Israel. We see it in weak, lazy-minded "progressives" and just plain ordinary folks who are too lazy, too apathetic, too uncaring, to bother to question political correctness dogma and fascism...

See? It's one example of the mental disorders from which many folks suffer. Many of these mental disorders stem from mental laziness. In other words, it's partly their own fault for just believing whatever they're told, even unbelievable things, without demanding proof that what they're told is true. And from a lack of ethics, from selfishness, greed, hatred, personal character flaws, corruption, evil, you name it.

So many folks who would benefit from self-help and/or from professional therapy to become better, nicer people... So many, many, many...