Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Islam's Horrific Cruelty To Women Exposed In Pictures

First of all, not all Muslims are horrible, hateful, violent monsters; certainly not.

There are certainly plenty of good, peaceful, non-supremacist, tolerant, Reformist Muslims, indeed, who want to get rid of the hatred, inequality, intolerance, torture and murder that are still a very, very big part of worldwide Islam even today and that continue to spread, rather than dissipate according to the invalid Leftist theory of "progressivism". We need to accept that there's a very, very critically serious, and fast-growing, problem everywhere with fundamentalist, ancient-style Islam spreading at a dangerous rate across the world, so that we can help the Reformists to combat and eliminate this ancient, unacceptably hateful and dangerous fundamentalist-literalist ideology, or at least to prevent it from spreading further.

We don't want white supremacism/neo-Nazism and violent "homophobia" to spread, do we? Of course not!

Well, we don't want Islamofascism to spread, either!


Think you know about Islam from what you've been told by the media, by politicians, by your "progressive" peers, and by Muslim propagandists?

Think it's a gentle faith, a peaceful faith? Think there's nothing nasty at all about it?

Well, here's, in uncensored, shocking color photographs, what Islam does to women.

Any hard-left, lazy-minded feminist readers here? Care to comment? Want to wax denial and call me an "Islamophobe" for simply reporting the truth?

Think these are just rare instances, the pictures at the link? Well, I'm afraid that this happens a lot, all the time. Women suffer horrendously throughout the Islamic World, each and every day. They're treated like animals, because that's precisely how fundamentalist Islam and Shariah Law regard women.

Women have ZERO RIGHTS, NO EQUALITY, under Islam.

And this ideology is coming here, with many, many Islamists who are commited to fundamentalist-literalist Islam, not to the country to which they're immigrating, nor to its constitution, bill of rights, culture, customs, laws, etc.

Ok, again, the obligatory: Not all Muslims are like this, but a LOT are... too many, in fact... way too many are like this. Ok? That's out of the way, then. Again. *Sigh*.

This is why we hear and read about Islamic "honor killings" of girls and women by their own families. Right here at home. Not in Iran/Pakistan/Saudi Arabia, etc., only, but everywhere in the world now. Yet no alarm is being raised, no efforts are being taken to protect Islamic women from the rapidly spreading hate and violence by Islamists.

Didn't you know? Or are you solely dependent on what the Big Old Politically Correct Newsmedia tells you, on what politicians tell you, on what the schools tell you, on what Islamic propagandists tell you?

Why doesn't our supposedly civilized, egalitarian society wake up to the horrific reality of the Islamic hatred and violence against women everywhere?