Saturday, November 28, 2009

Re. "Peer-Reviewed"

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The trouble with outsourcing your marbles to the peer-reviewed set is that, if you take away one single thing from the leaked documents, it's that the global warm-mongers have wholly corrupted the "peer-review" process. When it comes to promoting the impending ecopalypse, the Climate Research Unit is the nerve-center of the operation. The "science" of the CRU dominates the "science" behind the United Nations IPCC, which dominates the "science" behind the Congressional cap-and-trade boondoggle, the upcoming Copenhagen shakindownen of the developed world, and the now-routine phenomenon of leaders of advanced, prosperous societies talking like gibbering madmen escaped from the padded cell, whether it's President Barack Obama promising to end the rise of the oceans or the Prince of Wales saying we only have 96 months left to save the planet.

Here's what Phil Jones of the CRU and his colleague Michael Mann of Penn State mean by "peer review". When Climate Research published a paper dissenting from the Jones-Mann "consensus," Jones demanded that the journal "rid itself of this troublesome editor," and Mann advised that "we have to stop considering Climate Research as a legitimate peer-reviewed journal. Perhaps we should encourage our colleagues in the climate research community to no longer submit to, or cite papers."
Yep. "Peers" is apparently anyone who wears a white coat monogrammed with "Dr." (or something else authorative/scientific sounding that's supposed to necessarily impress the gitchies off of us and make us automatically believe anything and everything they utter), who agrees with what one's peers have claimed.

To have such folks "review" (that could mean anything, like not even looking at the document at all... there's actually NO WAY to verify whether they did anything at all) one's claims and, either following the use of proper scientific examinatory approach ...or NOT..., concur with them, is to have one's claims "peer-reviewed".

What? How dare you ask whether people in white coats could possibly lie, could possibly conspire to defraud, frighten and fool The People into submitting to the most oppressive transformation to ever be imposed upon them against their will? How dare you! I wage jihad against you! Aaaaaahhhhh!
Death to the Deniers! Al Gore is great! The IPCC Paper is The Truth! You will be assimilated! Surrender or be destroyed!

Conspiracy (yes, conspiracy... it's proven with the co-conspirators' own words!) to censor dissenting views and to stick to The Mandatory Political Position at all costs, exactly like Parliamentary MPs/Congressional Reps/Senators being whipped by the Party
So much for Climate Research. When Geophysical Research Letters also showed signs of wandering off the "consensus" reservation, Dr. Tom Wigley ("one of the world's foremost experts on climate change") suggested they get the goods on its editor, Jim Saiers, and go to his bosses at the American Geophysical Union to "get him ousted." When another pair of troublesome dissenters emerge, Dr. Jones assured Dr. Mann, "I can't see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow – even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"

"Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?" wondered Juvenal: Who watches the watchmen? But the beauty of the climate-change tree-ring circus is that you never need to ask "Who peer-reviews the peer-reviewers?" Mann peer-reviewed Jones, and Jones peer-reviewed Mann, and anyone who questioned their theories got exiled to the unwarmed wastes of Siberia. The "consensus" warm-mongers could have declared it only counts as "peer-reviewed" if it's published in Peer-Reviewed Studies published by Mann & Jones Publishing Inc. (Peermate of the Month: Al Gore, reclining naked, draped in dead polar bear fur, on a melting ice floe), and Ed Begley Jr. and "Andy" Revkin would still have wandered out, glassy-eyed, into the streets droning "Peer-reviewed studies. Cannot question. Peer-reviewed studies. The science is settled ... ."

"Peer-reviewed". Go ahead and submit. Make a fool of yourself. Commit intellectual sin, thus darning yourself to Heck.

But repent and save your soul. You CAN be absolved.

Resistance is good.

Money can't replace your soul.


Norm Spector

(He actually mentions CLIMATEGATE, to his credit, indicating he's not delusionally nuts like those who casually carry on as if the whole AGW/CC thing has not been exposed as a criminal fraud conspiracy, a Big Lie)
Mr Harper has aligned Canada’s position on climate change with that of the United States, our largest trading partner, for sound economic reasons. Given the Clinton Administration’s decision not to submit Kyoto for senate ratification, it also makes sense to wait and see this time whether things evolve differently. And anyone who’s willing to give China and India a pass isn’t truly interested in combating global warming.

This is not to say that it’s not also convenient politically for the Prime Minister to link arms with Mr. Obama, who’s still very popular in Canada. It’s worth noting, however, that Mr. Harper’s political base is not really with him: they’ve for years been fighting the science of global warming and have recently been re-energized by the “Climategate” leaks. To date, however, only Saudi Arabia’s negotiator, Mohammad al-Sabban, has called into question the Copenhagen conference.

Mr. Harper will be facing tremendous heat in the coming weeks. To his good fortune, his approval rating — 51 per cent — is now at an all-time high, higher now than Mr. Obama’s in the United States. Whether he can maintain that approval rating in the coming months remains to be seen, but it seems that, on this issue at least, the Prime Minister is prepared to spend political capital in defending Canada’s interests.

Note that the conservative, mainstream-representing PM Harper is more popular in Canada than the ultra-hard-left-wing Obama is in America. Message to Obama... Dude!!!

Hmm... you know, PM Harper is known as a shrewd political strategist/tactician. I suspect that he knows what he's doing. After all, he was right long ago when he dismissed the whole AGW/CC thing as a "socialist plot". Just as he was right long ago (before his hand was forced by the threat of the undemocratic, far-left, neo-communist coup plot usurping his recently-democratically-elected government to take over and pretty much copy whatever Obama did) when he said there wasn't any need to blow tens of billions of dollars on discredited Keynesian government-interventionist debt-financed spending. After all, look at the results of Obama's blowing trillions of borrowed and printed dollars in America- even more people out of work and more businesses, including banks, collapsing, whilst Canada has done quite ok, thank you very much, indicating, logically and rationally, with the massively opposite results in the two countries, that the unneccessary, ineffective, state-directed "stimulus" spending has had no effect overall in either country, that conservative economic policies, as practiced by the Canadian Conservatives, work, whereas George Soros-dictated Obamanomics does NOT.

Harper can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He can tell that soon the whole thing will be over, and that by having "played along", or really just pretending to do so to manipulate the Big Old Media to quit bashing him all the time on the file, and ultimately just moving on without doing what Al Gore and David Suzuki were demanding (ie. destroy the Canadian economy to please the Axis of Evil and the International Socialist Conspiracy, etc., etc), he'll come out smelling like roses to everyone, having masterfully played for both sides. And, of course, that's what politics is all about, right?

Thank goodness for Mr. Harper. He's safely steering us through and out of the unavoidable Bermuda Triangle of Neo-Communist Insanity, just as he's steered us through the Hard-Left-caused global recession.