Monday, November 23, 2009

Extreme Obama Czar Sunstein Wants To Shut Us Up

Here we go again with those furiously goosestepping Liberal Fascists...

Cass Sunstein obviously wants to intimidate and silence online opponents of the Obamacrat Reich.

He wants to silence legitimate reporting, criticism, opining, etc, that's inconvenient to The Agenda, by claiming it's "lies", "rumors", "falsehoods", etc.

Funny how he only complains about so-called "right-wing" websites doing this. He doesn't mention the left-wing ones. As if the left-wing ones didn't do it, eh!

It's his singling out of the so-called "right-wing" websites that demonstrates his intent, which is to silence opposition critics and dissidents, period.

"Czar" Sunstein's desire to silence opposition and dissent is just the tip of the iceberg. He's, as I've learned from his writings which have been reported about online, clearly a dangerous ideologue of the ultra-hard left. Much like pretty much everyone Obama has appointed to positions of power in the state apparatus. And of whom the Big Old Media refuses to demonstrate the least bit of curiousity. Like the AP, who, instead of investigating people like Sunstein, goes after Sarah Palin instead, assigning eleven(!!!) employees the task of scrutinizing her book for errors or whatever. Hey, AP, how about scrutinizing Cass Sunstein's books for errors and for frightening, dangerous-sounding ideology? Why the double standard? Are you, the AP, "one of them"?

Hey, I just follow where the evidence leads me... One need only observe the patterns evident in someone's behavior over time to understand their nature...

By the way, Cass Sunstein has a comb-over. You know, a comb-over is a futile attempt to conceal the embarrassing, bald truth. He's fooling only fools.