Friday, November 20, 2009

Why Is Oprah Quitting?

Oprah's blah-blah-on-the-nice-comfy-couch show is ending in 2011, she's just announced.

I'll tell you why.

Because she realizes (wow- she's smarter than her Messiah, Obama!) that she's not such hot shee-it anymore, and cannot, by herself, draw a massive audience any longer, as the People have turned away from her (hey, remember when we talked about when she snubbed a certain Alaskan lady last year, refusing to have her on the show during the election campaign, even though she had Obama on already... remember how we suggested that people would get mad at Oprah and turn away from her now-seen-by-many-more-as-boring-and-irrelevant blah-blah show because of that?).

Just a few days ago, Oprah finally caved and had Sarah Palin on her show, and, as a result, suddenly had a big audience again, just for that... just because Sarah Palin was on... because people wanted to see and hear Sarah Palin, not the once-thought-great Oprah.

I guess Oprah's smart enough after all (despite being a brainfarting Obamite herself) to read the message in her tea leaves, the writing on the stall wall, etc., to realize that her show's shelf-life has expired and that the People have gotten tired of listening to her say wise-sounding stuff and ask leftism-soaked questions of folks who aren't really all that interesting/important.

Don't get me wrong- Oprah's a fine lady, but, hey, sometimes we get artificially built up into something way bigger than we really are, and then eventually deflate like a whoopee cusion, pretty much like Obama, though Obama's bloviation has proven way quicker.

Reality eventually gets to us and forces us to look at ourselves as we really are- ie. mere mortals, not really that much different from the average American, except for being more famous and having a LOT more money, etc.

At least Oprah was honest and said she didn't have any candidates on during the election because she was supporting Obama (therefore she didn't want to potentially screw stuff up for him by having his opponents on). I guess it was then that people realized that Oprah's too political, too leftist, too biased to be worth watching anymore. A great talk show host isn't supposed to be perceived as being too biased one way or another/too political/too ideological, and Oprah apparently realizes this, and, to her credit, realizes it's time to explore different opportunities (or, if she prefers, just fall back into a moneybag chair and veg out in front of a ten-foot plasma TV and pig out til she looks like the moneybag chair she's lazing away on).

Oh, and to close, I thought I'd show one of the show's most memorable moments, this one being when Tom Cruise farted...

Of course, there's always the possibility that Oprah's quitting doing the show because the studio still smells like Tom's fart...

Oh, and I can't help but add... I remember one episode I happened to accidentally watch (and enjoy) in which she had Kenny Kramer on (that's the real-life weird guy upon whom Kramer on "Seinfeld" is based), plus after him she did segments on the origin of toilet paper and had a doctor on to talk about.... shit! But that was more funny stuff than serious stuff... I guess Oprah finally got to the point where she realized that when she starts talking to Kramer and talking about toilet paper and crap and having farting guests on, it's time to move on...