Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, Really?

Whatever. Believe whatever you guys wish.

Now they're telling us that by the end of this century, it'll be six degrees warmer.

Wow. They actually believe they can predict the future, just because some stupid computer program tells them so. Only an idiot will believe this. Of course they can construct whatever program they want, with whatever equations suit their objectives, and input whatever corrupt, tweaked, even made-up data... and then, regardless of the output, issue a Big Old Media communique that, word for word, was already written a long time ago.

Hey, you know, I can design a computer program that could tell me that, based on whatever data I input, I'm actually going to grow to be anywhere between ten and twenty-three feet tall by the end of the century. If I live that long, that is. Yep, that's equally plausible. Of course a computer program can output pure garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. Input is garbage. Algorithm is garbage. Output will always be nothing but garbage. Duh! Give your head a shake for not realizing this. Oh, by the way, regardless of what the actual garbage output is, the "scientists" will still read whatever talking points the Powers that Be give to them, just like Obama reads whatever bullshit he sees on the teleprompter. That's how it works, is my position, unless and until they prove otherwise. Unless I see reason to believe that it's impossible for them to just tell us whatever Big Lies they want, I'll just tell 'em to f... off and leave me the f... alone.

These guys are no better, no more credible than the 9/11 "Truthers", as far as I'm concerned.

In fact, the Obama "Birthers" have far more credibility than those "scientists" do. We can tell, if we look at the evidence for ourselves. In fact, I want to see Obama's REAL birth certificate myself, because I know that he never proved to anyone that he was born on US soil as required by the US Constitution for anyone to be President. It's an incredible failure of Constitutional duty on the part of all responsible, so damaging that they're doing everything they can to cover their asses and hope people stop asking to see the REAL birth certificate, which Obama refuses to let anyone at all see, because he's hiding something very, very damning.

They're getting desperate, so they're upping the FEAR ante, trying to scream even harder into our faces, with their eyes open even wider, and now actually protruding and bloodshot, in the hopes that this time they'll scare the hell out of us.

Some of 'em have already threatened to kill some of us so-called "deniers". That's the kind of folks they are- their mobster nature sometimes explodes out of its container.

Oh, fofecksake. Sheesh. Hoo-boy. Egads!

But I've heard it all before. Nothing they can SAY will impress me now.

I've seen all sorts of concrete evidence presented by many other scientists which, as far as I'm concerned, strongly discredits the whole carbon-emissions-global-warming-climate-change theory and silly, dismissable-as-crackpotism fearmongering about end-of-the-world scenarios.

Listen, I don't care what they say. I'm not going to transform my life to satisfy these money-and-power-mad lunatic cranks hiding behind the false authority of their white coats.

Like hell I'll let them take my rights away, let them control, micromanage, etc., every single aspect of my life.

As I've said before, I'd rather witness the end of the world tomorrow and happily go down with it, than to live the rest of my life in chains, a slave.

To hell with the fearmongering lunatics. Let them stop spewing all that carbon from their three big homes, five big trucks and private jets and so on and so forth, and try to get China, Russia, Iran, etc., to stop destroying the planet. But they won't, which is why I dismiss them. They know as well as I that if the Free World were to shut down completely, carbon emissions would just continue to accelerate, as the Axis of Evil would just expand their production and emissions as rapidly as they please. Think about that. What's their real agenda? Selling out the Free World, freedom, democracy, the rule of law, human rights, national sovereignty, etc... all for the promise of becoming filthy rich and being part of the ruling elite of the New World Order, run by the so-called "United Nations", which is pretty much run by the Axis of Evil?

No thanks. Now excuse me... I've got to go and live my life... AS I SEE FIT. They can f... off!