Sunday, November 08, 2009

Napolitano's Hypocrisy

Department of Homeland Security head cheese Janet Napolitano is waxing hypocritical... big time.

Isn't it incredible that this woman will tar and feather the majority of Americans as "right-wing extremists" just because they disagree with any of the Obamacrat Reich's policies, but she won't even admit that Islamic supremacism is a real problem, a clear and present danger, even given the damning facts surrounding the Ft. Hood terrorist attack last week?

That woman is delusional. I therefore see her as a threat to America's national security rather than a protector thereof.

There's not going to be any significant rise in "anti-Muslim sentiment", really. To fearmonger about that is precisely what the Islamic supremacists want Napolitano to do to intimidate folks away from thinking and speaking the obvious, which is that Islam is the root cause of most terrorism and that the virulently hateful extremism must be eradicated from the Islamic community to save lives. Hate preachers and violence-incitors within the Islamic community must be identified and put out of commission so that they can't provoke further hatred and murderous violence.

There's little difference between Islamic supremacists and white supremacists, after all, and the Islamic supremacists must be dealt with the same way the white supremacists have been dealt with. They must, like the white supremacists, be marginalized to an insignificant fringe. A message must be sent to the Islamic community that hateful extremism won't be tolerated, so that they'll be motivated to clean up their community and chase away the hateful extremists amongst them.

The Democrats, when in power, aren't afraid to intrude into peoples' homes with machine guns to force them to stop doing what the Democrats don't want them to do. They did it to the Branch Davidian compound (they wouldn't dare do it if the compound were Islamic, like the numerous Jamaat ul Fuqra terrorist training camps across America and in Canada). They did it to take Elian Gonzalez away from his family to deport him to Cuba... how hateful and mean-spirited was that? Why not do it to put a stop to Islamic supremacists who are always preaching hatred, intolerance, supremacism and murdering "Kufrs" in the name of Islam?

We have the facts already. Just because the Big Media won't admit the obvious, and just because the "authorities" deny the obvious, doesn't mean that the truth isn't the truth, for the truth is the truth, no matter whatever propaganda is offered to divert attention from the obvious truth.

Besides, what's Napolitano doing to try to prevent a rise in anti-Jewish, anti-Christian, anti-conservative, etc., sentiment amongst the Left? Nothing. After all, Napolitano is one of them herself.

Isn't it weird how every time there's a terrorist attack in America, the "authorities" leap to action to grant the Islamic community greater protection from anything inconvenient to their agenda? With each terrorist attack, there's a new political correctness in which we're ordered to not think nor speak ill of Islam/Muslims, notwithstanding the obvious, undeniable truth. They're trying to delude us. Such mass delusion is a condition favorable to the Islamization Agenda, after all. Much easier to impose Islam onto people if they don't realize it's happening, isn't it? Same as with communism- many folks don't realize that the Obamacrats are imposing communism onto America more and more all the time. After all, it's not like the utterly useless Big Old Media, which is itself delusional and frequently practices denial of reality, is going to warn the People that the changes taking place aren't in their interests, that they threaten their freedoms, their democracy, the rule of law and human rights.

And remember that Jews and Christians are being bashed by the Left nowadays as well as always, so it's hypocritical of the Left to denounce anyone who dares to speak the obvious truth about Islam's clear and undeniable connection to many, many events involving murderous violence.