Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Desperate Liberal Partisans Come To Aid Of Their 'Dead' Party

Oh, and by the way, some of them claim to be Jewish, though exactly how Jewish they are in practice, I have no idea, so it's hard to judge their commitment to the Jewish faith and People vis-a-vis their commitment to the Liberal Party.

So a bunch of Liberals (some who happen to claim to be Jewish, though it's possible to be "Jewish" merely as an accident of birth, like, for example, the obviously anti-Jewish "Jew" George Soros, the admitted, unrepentant Nazi collaborator) and most-likely Liberal supporters have written a letter to the Conservatives demanding they stop telling the inconvenient truth about some Liberals who have supported the enemies of Israel.

I don't understand why these folks want the Tories to stop telling the truth and warning ordinary Canadians who are Jewish about the undeniable reality that the Liberal Party of Canada has a frightening anti-Jewish element within.

I think the signatories are in denial.

And I see some questionable names amongst them. Take Scott Reid, the attack pitbull spin doctor of "beer and popcorn" and "Alberta can blow me" infamy. Is he Jewish? I dunno. Far as I'm concerned, his Leftism and Liberal partisanship are obviously stronger than whatever faith he may profess.

Then there's the reprehensible demagogue Elinor Caplan. You remember her, falsely, without proof, mind y'all, accusing the Canadian Alliance of being full of "Holocaust deniers, prominent bigots and racists". Now, this is a hypocrite!

Of course, there's also the infamous Warren Kinsella, who's infamous, in part, for hatefully, and for electoral gain, mocking the faith of Pentecostal Stockwell Day, Canadian Alliance leader during the 2000 Election, the same election during which his crony Elinor Caplan attacked the Alliance in such a nasty manner. Now, Warren is infamous for wanting to shut people up even if they're telling the truth. He wants to shut people up when they go against the Agenda of the Left and the Liberal Party, even if they're telling the truth! And Warren is a false "Christian" himself, his "Christianity" being, obviously, an accident of birth, but behind which he sometimes conveniently hides, as if an invisible shield, including when attacking Christianity.

Clearly, there's names on the list who are ultra-partisan Liberals who are there just to make the list bigger, regardless of their professed faith.

Besides, out of thousands of Liberal Party members, is that ALL they could come up with? Just a handful of self-professed "Jewish" Liberal Party members? I'd expect them to do better, but I guess that's the best they could do, just a handful who are willing to forsake the truth, forsake their professed faith, all for the benefit of the Party. Party loyalty is obviously of primary importance to them.

Anyway, I'm afraid that even the supposedly Jewish folks on the list are in denial themselves. Denial as to the inconvenient truth that their party, the Liberal Party of Canada DOES have an anti-Jewish element. Why they're tolerant of this, I don't understand. Oh, wait! Yes, I do understand. See, they're LEFTISTS! And Leftists, as their very essence holds, will engage in denial whenever convenient, so that's how they're able to deny the LPC's anti-Jewish element whilst demanding that the inconvenient truth, truth which is bad for the LPC's electoral support, particularly amongst Jewish Canadian voters, be silenced.

What they're doing by tolerating the LPC's anti-Jewish element is enabling that anti-Jewish element. They're hurting themselves and their fellow people of the Jewish faith in the long run, and this willing denial, this self-flagellation and latent self-loathing saddens me.

Their efforts would be better served by identifying the anti-Jewish element within their party, confronting them one by one and expelling them. Why won't they do this? Is it because some of them might be Islamic supremacists, like Mohammed Elmasry?

It's wrong for them to deny the reality of the anti-Jewish element in the LPC and to demand that the inconvenient truth thereabout not be spoken. They're just hurting themselves and all Jewish People. Jews who want the truth to be exposed, who want the hiding-in-plain-sight anti-Jews to be exposed and appropriately marginalized, should be worried about these deniers of the truth.

It is wrong and dangerous to enable the anti-Jewish element by denying its existence.