Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Environmentalism And Obama's Dangerous-Radical Associates

The evidence only keeps amassing.

Read about it for yourself.

Dogmatic, scaremongering, ideologically-extreme environmentalism. Obama. Extremists. Etc...

More of the shocking, scary stuff and people the Big Old Media is always trying to cover up and hide from its rapidly, steadily disappearing (to FOX News, conservative-populist talk radio, the internet's serious-news websites, etc.) audience.
Cornel West, a professor at Princeton University, addressed the Washington DC Green Festival over the weekend, an event promoting environmental awareness whose speaker list is teeming with radicals. Ayers and Dohrn keynoted the satellite Green Festival in Chicago, alongside Amy Goodman, host and executive producer of Democracy Now, a far-left, pro-socialist news organization.


West served as an adviser on Louis Farrakhan's Million Man March and is a personal friend of Farrakhan. He serves as honorary chair of a U.S. socialist group and has ties to black extremists.

West authored two books on race with Henry Louis Gates Jr., who last summer was at the center of controversy after Obama remarked on the Harvard professor's arrest.


Obama named West, whom he has called a personal friend, to the Black Advisory Council of his presidential campaign.

Yet another dangerous-extremist, and obvious racist (personal friend of the racist, Islamic-supremacist, Jew-hating Farrakhan!), appointed to something by OBAMA.

There's so much racism and so many racists with which and whom, respectively, Obama deliberately surrounds himself. Yeah, suuuure, he's not a racist. Of course not. Just look at all the evidence that he isn't!

If a conservative white Republican were to surround himself with white supremacists, neo-Nazis, friends of (Democratic Party guy) KKKer David Duke, etc... you know a big deal would be made of it in the Big Old Media, but in Obama's case, they cover it up, pretend that there's nothing to raise one's eyebrows at...

Double standard, absolutely! Anything and everything suspicious, even malicious rumors, that's heard about any conservatives at all, whatever their color, even... well, the Left and the Big Old Media will grab onto it immediately and report it as much as they can, even without evidence, merely based on "so and so, on condition of anonymity, said of so and so...". You know, they practice the Big Lie tactic, in which if they say it enough, people will tend to believe it. This is why many people hate Bush without being able to say why... and why many hate Sarah Palin without being able to cite any proven fact that would damn her in any way. It's all a Big Lie thing, and mass delusion is the result, which is what the Left wants, for mass delusion is always in their interest.

We just keep hearing about Obama's dangerous-extremist associates and appointees (though, of course, not in the Big Old Media who toes the Obamacrat Reich Party Line).

Does Obama even have any associates who aren't extremist and logically, justifiably suspicious based on their ties, utterances and actions? Frankly, I can't think of any off the top of my head for whom I can't cite evidence of some sort of mental disorder and extremism.

One must be mentally-lazy to not see the problem... with Obama and his many, many, many scary-extremist associations. The guy clearly, deliberately, knowingly surrounds himself with pretty much nothing but dangerous extremists!

And the Left was always (and still is!) trying to say that about Bush? But they really never made much of a case! And these folks can't see the problem with Obama? Clearly there's something wrong with Leftists!

Ok, here comes the rant...

A big question is begging: Why do dangerous hard-left extremists keep obsessing about environmental stuff in such extreme, fearmongering ways?

Is environmentalism, AGW/CC, etc., just a front, a Trojan Horse message of fabricated, manipulative nonsense to help them to move their hidden, dangerous agenda forward?

Is it about a bunch of greedy people who want to deceive the People into letting them take over the world without a war?

Something tells me that environmentalism is nothing more than a front, a Trojan Horse, a cover for something else, something that will transform the world into something we soon won't recognize anymore. Something to justify the taking-away of human rights, the erosion of national sovereignty, the magic carpet to carry the world towards global governance (tyranny and oppression by the Elite, Wealthy Few over the Powerless Many). Obama's obviously trying to submit America to a global regime, to destroy her world leadership, destroy her as the biggest, brightest, loudest beacon for human liberty in the world...

They want us to come to believe that we must sacrifice our freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights... "to save the world".

Gimme a break! Let them save the world on their own, without taking anything away from us, without imposing on us. Whatever they can do without negatively affecting us, let them do. But should they try to change our way of life, change our countries, change the world, without our consent, well, they can expect to meet with a grassroots human force that will push them back so hard they'll feel like they were standing nearby as a nuclear bomb, say, the biggest in history, at Trinity, went off!

They might dismiss the Tea Party movement, but little do they realize that that was just the initial stirring of an awakening giant dragon.

Personally, I'd rather see the world come to an end than surrender my freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights to those enslavers of humanity.

As the great American freedom fighter Patrick Henry said, "Give me liberty or give me death".

We can paraphrase that statement to apply to the present situation:

Let me keep my liberty and let the world come to an end. I will not submit!

If the world is meant to come to an end tomorrow, then so be it. It's God's will. We can't stop it.

I, for one, will not dishonor God by becoming a slave.

No world at all is better than a life as a slave!

Guaranteed more to come. Stay tuned.