Monday, November 23, 2009

'Torture'? Talk To The Liberals First

Allegations of "torture" re. Afghanistan...

Seems this is something the far-left/brainless/double-standard-practicing Big Old Media loves to babble and yadda-yadda about to unfairly put the spotlight onto Free World politicians.

It's not the Free World that's doing the torture, by the way. (Waterboarding, well, come on- it's not torture in my book, any more than spanking children is torturing them, or any more than school bullies dunking nerds' and dweebs' heads into toilets, both practices not all that much frowned upon by our society, actually).

It's the Islamic World, the neo-Communist World, the despotic world who practice the terrible thing. They're quite evilly inventive of ways to terrorize individuals. Their methods are what I'd call real torture, as they make the Free World's wholly-justifiable interrogation methods look like childish "noogies" and "purple nurples".

Chantal Hebert takes a realistic, honest view... Now, that's one journalist I've come to respect, as I cannot detect any bias on her part.

So if I was a Liberal, I wouldn't point a hypocritical finger at the Conservatives. Especially since the Liberal leader, Michael Ignatieff, is a proponent of torture.