Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quebec Politics Currently A Fascinating Show

For sure, it's not boring lately.

And this time it has
nothing to do with separatism/federalism at all!

However, once again it does involve a Liberal and a police investigation into the transfer of an envelope full of cash. Nothing new about that, except this time it's at the provincial Liberal level. (Couldn't help myself with the boldfacing... gotta keep sticking it to the Liberals. Thanks be to Saul Alinsky's "Rules"- they're also useful against his people!).

There's the Mafia. And political corruption connected thereto. Mmmm... sssexxxy! Plenty of f-bombs, bare bums and boobs, I'm sure there is, too!

So far, no bodies in trunks. Wouldn't be new in Quebec, but thankfully it's not happened this time. I believe it must've happened on the Sopranos, though, not that I could stand that show, with all the nonstop f-bomb cursing and unnecessary violence by deranged gangsters.

It's the stuff that hit dramas are made of!

Hey! Why not make a series based on these real-world happenings? It's purely Canadian, after all. But somehow I doubt the CBC will bother. Maybe CTV. Why not Global? Just base it on the sexy facts and add a little drama and you've got a recipe for plenty of viewers!

Could it be that this new stuff has come to light because the Harper Conservatives have put the Separation Dragon into a deep slumber by being a better government than the Liberals, who woke 'er up and mean-spiritedly poked 'er (and the one in the West) with pointy sticks? With the national-unity question no longer being discussed much in Quebec, have Quebeckers begun to look at serious stuff that actually matters, finally? By the way, why do they still elect Blocqistes to Parliament? That's a puzzler!

Now we have cops investigating Quebec political party finances. Hey, how about investigating the federal Liberal Party finances, plus also the US Democratic Party finances? I believe (ok, I know, from having seen the tip of the iceberg) that there's a lot of corruption and dirty money involved there.

Given this, and all the crazy crap happening in Obamerica lately, plus internationally, how the hell can people say that politics is boring?