Monday, November 16, 2009

WND Founder: Bring Troops Home Now

Joseph Farah, founder of World Net Daily, is now saying that the troops in Afghanistan/Iraq should be brought back home immediately.

I must say, his reasoning makes sense, given the current facts, including the gross, cavalier negligence of Barack Hussein Obama, whom he calls "unfit for command".

He also asks whatever happened to the "anti-war" movement and protests.

I say nothing happened to it, as it was never for real- it was all an elaborate, anti-Bush, anti-Republican, anti-America propaganda show. Besides, who expects the Left to call Obama an international terrorist, a monster and a Hitler? Not going to happen. Why? Because they're all Astroturf, nothing but a bunch of mindless fools gathered together by "community organizers", given stupid-ass picket signs and told to scream all sorts of anti-Bush, anti-America, anti-Israel, etc., insane nonsense. These Astroturfin' teabaggers ain't gonna be community-organized to give Obama this treatment, even though he's doing exactly all the same stuff Bush was doing! It's as if it's actually ok to wage "illegal" war and stuff as long as one's a hard-left dude with dark skin. Only bad to wage wars if one's a pale-complexioned non-leftist.

Farah's most important point is, I believe:
As good as the U.S. military is, without a leader who genuinely understands the threat of Islamo-fascism, these wars are already lost.