Thursday, November 26, 2009

You Know It's Over For Obama When...


Yo! Lookee me! I'm President, and I'm soooo cooool!
I'm soooo totally hot shee-it!
I'm the Wiz, and nobody beats me!
Life's good! Hey, there! How ya doin'?! many of his own folks turn against him in anger and disgust.

And that follows on the heels of polls indicating that the majority of Americans don't like Obama as "President".

Yup. It's bad. Very, very, very bad for Obama.

animated_elaine.gif Elaine Dance image by bigmikek7
He started out trying to be everything to everybody.

Now it's clear that he's nothing to anyone.

KramerDance.gif Kramer Dancing image by DivineDragoon23

He's the Kramer, the Mr. Bean, the Goofy, the little-kicking Elaine Benes, the Mr. Magoo, the Lieutenant Frank Drebin of Presidents.

He's got some great moves, sure.

Too bad it doesn't mesmerize many folks anymore. They want substance, results, not hey-lookit-me-I'm-cool nonsense.

dancing-bean.gif mr bean image by dundalknimble