Monday, November 30, 2009

Red Cross Rebukes 'Torture' Alleger Colvin

More reason to tell the Leftist Opposition to shut the f... up about non-credible "torture" allegations made by some guy who admits he got the "information" as hearsay from none other than The Enemy.

“What (Richard) Colvin has said publicly has put us in an awkward situation. What he claims to know should not be put out in a public place,” said Eloi Fillion, deputy director of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Afghanistan, where it has a staff of 120 foreigners and 1,500 locals.


“There is a process,” Fillion said. “In our relationship with Canada or any other state, if there is a suspicion that a state representative has committed or is about to commit a war crime or has not behaved properly in international humanitarian law, we would discuss this with the person or persons concerned and report this to his superiors, taking this up to the highest level that we could.

“As regards Canada, this would be represented to the state through the military as well as to the state at home. Our report would go to the highest person in that country’s hierarchical system with responsibility for international humanitarian law.”


Ottawa’s ambassador to Afghanistan, William Crosbie, said Saturday that “nobody” from an international group responsible for the human rights of detainees “has contacted me or anyone at the embassy regarding anything alleging something involving Canadians in Afghanistan.”

Two senior Canadian military officers in Afghanistan who did not wish to be identified because of confidentiality obligations that Canada has with those responsible for detainees’ welfare, said they had never heard of the suspicions that any of their members had violated humanitarian law conventions here.

Richard Colvin has, apparently, zero credibility. He didn't see any evidence. He merely heard rumors/allegations of possible mistreatment, such hearsay, second- and third-hand, coming from folks connected to The Enemy. Colvin, I suspect, might have an agenda of some sort. Of course that question must be investigated. Colvin himself ought to be investigated, considering all the stuff here.

There NO REASON to believe that there has been any "torture". The word of The Enemy is all there is to go on. And Colvin is a fool to trust The Enemy. A big fool.

The Leftist Opposition ought to come up with something credible, or shut up. They're just trying to throw any mud, any shee-it, at the government, in the vain hopes that some of it will cause some voter-esteem damage, hopefully shaking from the Tory tree a few votes to roll their way...

The Leftist Opposition is pathetic and contemptuous. Bunch of monkeys flinging turds, they are!