Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Obama Regime Blocking Ft Hood Investigation, Info: Congressman

An Islamic terrorist has slain recently, on American soil, fourteen Americans (one victim was pregnant) and wounded dozens of others.

But it's clear that the Obamacrat White House is hellbent on trying to put the lid back onto the massively-overflowing can of worms. Kind of like how they do everything they can to keep Obama's REAL birth certificate a closely-guarded-at-all-costs secret to protect, most probably, the fact that Obama's NOT American-born, therefore is an impostor, not the President.

What is the Obamacrat White House hiding? Who are they protecting?

"Well, there was no reason why we couldn't be briefed on the information they had at that time. I get suspicious when they don't give us the information that we're looking for, especially when they're going to give it to us in a very limited form, perhaps only to me and the chairman of the whole committee. That's when my suspicions were raised.

"Now [Monday] night they did come back and brief my staff and some senators on what they knew about Major Hasan and when they knew it, but it was already after most of this information had somehow been leaked to the media."

As to why the administration might want to withhold information, Hoekstra said: "There are serious questions about whether the FBI did everything appropriately and whether there was enough information out there, enough red flags out there, that reasonable people would have assumed Hasan should have been more closely evaluated than he was.

"I don’t know if that's it or not, and I won't know or have a better idea until I've had access to all the information...

Sounds like the Obamacrat Reich is playing partisan political games, leaking info to its Big Media propaganda wing, trying to make it harder for the Republicans to do their job and hold the Administration accountable, trying to blunt the effectiveness, in the Peoples' eyes, of their political rivals. It's a subtle tactic, but they know what they're doing. Playing games. With this.

They're using the intel agencies as pawns in the game. Who can trust the Obamacrats? Except for the koolaid-drunken zombie fringe element who continue to believe they're perfect and can never do any wrong.