Friday, November 13, 2009

Liberals Continue To Show Desperation

...and make fools of themselves.

Really, guys... how does such nonsense as you're spewing help Parliament to work? How does it help the Liberal Party look into the mirror and accept what its faults are, and proceed to fix them? You're wasting time trying to throw poopers at the government over what you think might stick, but which never does, because it's nothing, really.

There's two sides to every story. The Liberals were sending around a picture yesterday showing St. Catharines Tory MP Rick Dykstra on his BlackBerry during a Remembrance Day ceremony. Very, very disrespectful of Mr. Dykstra, suggested the Liberals.

But after a quick call to the MP’s office, it seems Mr. Dykstra was live-blogging at the event. In fact, he used his BlackBerry to take a picture of the cenotaph and the wreaths around it. Then he sent out a message, which he posted on his website:

“It was a very calm and peaceful two minutes this morning at 11am. With a picture of Warrant Officer Dennis Brown at the foot of the cenotaph. He gave his life in Afghanistan. I took this picture this morning during our ceremony at the Cenotaph in downtown St. Catharines, now named Veteran's Way.”

This morning, he fired back at the Liberals. “Mr. Dykstra's respect for both Remembrance Day and our soldiers is well known throughout our community," a statement from his office said."... It's disappointing and disrespectful when your Liberal opponent in the next election would have pictures taken at a Remembrance Day event in an attempt to score cheap political points.”

See, voters? The Liberals aren't interested in what matters, and are only trying to play the silly, childish game GOTCHA!

Kind of smells like Warren Kinsella produced this piece of dumbassery/douchebaggery/assholery/poopheadedness/assfoolclownishness. Somebody flush and light a match, quickly! Hoo-boy! Sheesh! Whoo-whooo! Omigawrsh!

Liberals, eh... why does anyone bother to vote for them? Might as well vote for the boys in Lord of the Flies.

Meanwhile, two more Ignatieff staffers walk away

ht: Bourque Newswatch