Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Palin Inspires More Moms To Run For Office

Feminists rejoice! More women, including MOMS, running for office! Isn't that what you wanted?
The 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate's conservative philosophies and her folksy, hockey-mom approach to politics have galvanized other mothers to launch political campaigns -- at all levels of government -- aimed at reducing big-government spending.


"She doesn't put herself up in an ivory tower and say 'I know what's best for you,'" Carter said, adding that she thinks Palin was "mishandled" last year by both the McCain campaign and the Republican National Committee.

"She was sort of put into a box, and her true spirit and her passion were not allowed to really shine through," she said. "She wasn't just a pretty picture standing next to John McCain."

Finally Americans can get to know Sarah Palin. Her opponents can't be burning through millions of dollars a day, 365 days a year, buying expensive propaganda advertising, trying to destroy her public image with horrible smears, after all. Even George Soros wouldn't try that!