Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Liberals Continue Rapid Descent Into Tarpit Of Oblivion

Here's a good read. It helps shine a billion-candlepower spotlight onto the Liberal Party's disingenousness, hypocrisy, demagoguery and cavalier contempt for the Canadian Forces, not to mention their taking advantage of The Enemy's big lies against the Canadian Forces... ALL FOR ELECTORAL GAIN, ALL OUT OF LAST-DITCH, UNETHICAL, IMMORAL DESPERATION.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

Excerpts (emphasis mine):

What I find quite troubling, too, is that Mr. Ignatieff and his band of merry Rosedale warriors (armed with lattes and Harry Rosen gift cards, no less) are going on the evidence of Mr. Colvin, who has admitted that his statements are based on second and third hand intelligence, and that the vast majority of it came from “Taliban sources”.

So let me get this straight: Ignatieff and the Liberals would rather not hear from David Mulroney, an intensely respected career diplomat, who was our man on the ground in Afghanistan until being reassigned to China (earlier this year), but instead, would rather move forward on innuendo and hearsay provided by another diplomat that received the intelligence from trained liars, terrorists, killers and peddlers of hate.


But my more immediate concern is why Mr. Colvin is raising all this two years after leaving Afghanistan and didn’t burp a word to numerous then visiting Ministers and diplomats, when he had ample opportunity, in fact, an obligation to do so?

So, again I ask, why is this man being given platform by the Liberals or the media? I understand that the NDP are going nowhere on this issue thanks to Taliban Jack, but the Liberals should truly know better than to allow the honour of Canadian fighting men and women to weigh in precarious balance, while they gather baseless fodder for some witch-hunt of a govt that has not only proved itself principled in the way they have handled the war effort in Afghanistan, but have gone far beyond anything the Liberals did in their anemic efforts prior to sending our heros and heroines into battle. Read the Liberal legacy on this, here.

So the Liberals, now being steered by rusty old has-been Peter "I'm The Wiz- Nobody beats me!" Donolo, are going to depend upon the word of a credibility-lacking conspiracy theorist. I see.

Hmm. Ah...

Libranosaurus Corruptus

ndeed, the mighty-but-mortally-wounded-by-a-long-fight-with-a-superior-opponent Libranosaur fights valiantly to escape the Tarpit of Oblivion, but alas cannot escape. It would be better for it to simply accept its fate with dignity rather than go down in ignominious infamy.