Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Conservatives Victorious In 2 Of 4 By-Elections, Beat Bloc Q; Libs Now 3rd Party

They kicked ass.

Poor Liberal War Room Head Stinky Cheese Warren Kinsella can't kick ass no more.

They grabbed a seat from the separatist, neo-communist Bloc Quebecois, proving that they're still a contender in Quebec, confounding the naysaying anti-Conservative pundits. And they regained a seat they lost a little while back.

The Liberals? Big, Fat Losers! They did really, really badly in the contests they lost, which was ALL of them, taking third place, no longer even the second choice of the People.

Michael Ignatieff, Door. Door, Michael Ignatieff. Hello, Next Sucker.

Conservatism is alive and well in Canada and America, judging from the victories in by-elections in both countries. The Left is falling fast out of favor with mainstream Canadiana and Americana.