Saturday, November 14, 2009

Giuliani Dismayed At Obama's Civilian Trial Of 9/11 Masterminds

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani is dismayed at Obama's foolish approach to dealing with America's mortal enemies

Will lead to more terrorism: Giuliani

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“I think this is a very dangerous decision, and an irresponsible one. And one that is absolutely unnecessary. Meaning, if Khalid Sheikh Mohammed couldn't be tried anywhere else but in New York, then of course New York would handle it and do it,” he said.


Other Republicans, like Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl, and Rep. Peter King of New York, agreed with Giuliani, who said 9/11 “was an act of war. And one of the things I thought we learned from Sept. 11 was that we were in a state of denial before Sept. 11. We went through this once before – 1993. We had people, terrorists, attack the World Trade Center. We did not recognize it as an act of war. We tried them in the Southern District of New York. It did no good. We were attacked in Africa, we were attacked at those embassies in Africa, we were attacked on the USS Cole and then we had the worst attack in our history.

“And I hoped and prayed from that day on it would be the last Islamic terrorist attack in our history. And it was not the last, because a week ago we had another Islamic terrorist attack on our soil,” said Giuliani, referring to the shooting spree at Ford Hood, Texas, that left 13 people dead. Nidal Malik Hasan, the Army psychiatrist charged in the attack, reportedly shouted “Allahu akbar!” (Arabic for “God is great!”) as he started shooting.

“Why this administration has trouble figuring that out when the man yelled out 'Allahu akbar' when he was murdering people – as a former prosecutor I find frighteningly incompetent,” Giuliani said.

Meahwhile, to yet further pile on the danger and irresponsibility he's already imposing onto America and the Free World, Obama is trying to stall, to slow, to frustrate, as much as he can, the investigation of the Ft Hood terrorist attack.

(You know, if a gay person or a Muslim had been brutally slain on the street by some skinheads, Obama would, in contrast, put the full force of the state apparatus behind the investigation and prosecution, and would bring in new laws even further raising the status of the victim's group of membership above everyone else. And, in fact, we know that Obama would literally, racistically, prejudge a police officer for doing his job and embarrassing a black Harvard professor buddy of his. Only a fool/useful idiot will believe anything this hypocrite Obama says!).

His lame excuse? He doesn't want it to become "political theater". Sounds like another stupid, hard-left-wing intimidatory, manipulative talking point to me. Besides, Obama himself is nothing but political theater! Who the f... does he think he is to be accusing the kettle of practicing political theater?


he realizes that those he thusly smears only want to protect America, to send a message to her mortal enemies that their attacks will not be tolerated.
On an eight-day Asia trip, Obama turned his attention home and pleaded for lawmakers to "resist the temptation to turn this tragic event into the political theater." He said those who died on the nation's largest Army post deserve justice, not political stagecraft.
How DARE Obama accuse serious people of intending thusly? How DARE he? Who the f... does this arrogant, reprehensible... POSOTUS...

This guy Obama makes Neville Chamberlain look like a sharp-minded, reality-understanding, take-no-dangerous-risks, make-no-foolish-assumptions, Defender of the Free World.

Remember NUREMBURG? That wasn't a civilian trial. The 9/11 masterminds must be tried like the Nazis were tried. Khalid Sheikh Mohammed must be treated no differently than the Nazis!

But Obama's the sort of imbecile who would treat the Nazis no differently than a toddler who shoplifted a piece of candy.

God HELP America.