Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hypocritical Liberals Protest Too Much

Oh, this is rich. Coming from the Liberals, who play the race, religion, sex, etc., cards whenever they see an opportunity to falsely demonize the Conservatives.

Now the Liberals are mad (ah, they're always mad and always have been anyway, in every sense of the word) that the Conservatives are telling the inconvenient truth about the Liberals' attitude towards Israel.

This excessive Liberal protesting comes on the heels of the Liberals' attempting to smear the Conservatives as somehow racist/anti-Muslim in a nasty mailout of their own, which I recieved in the mail awhile ago. I believe they targeted my neighborhood as there's lots of immigrants here, with many of my neighbors obviously from overseas (and, boy, do they bring lots of money with them, as I notice that they drive many of the coolest cars in the city, six-figure-sticker-priced ones, like AMG Mercedeses and Porsches, even, and there's a construction boom in fancy housing nearby... guess they're not going to Toronto anymore, and have discovered the benefits of the Atlantic Region, eh!).

Sheesh. Liberals. Hypocritical. Practicing the double standard. Hoo-boy!

I'd also ask why didn't the Toronto Star, a notoriously pro-Liberal/anti-Conservative, far-left "news" paper, didn't bother to do its homework to do a more comprehensive, informative report and simply chose to mostly focus on the verbal diarrhea of hypocrisy-waxing Liberals acting as if they've themselves never tried to demonize the Conservatives.

The truth of the matter is that there IS an anti-Jewish element within the Liberal Party of Canada. Those who have followed Canadian politics for years know this. It's hardly a secret that there's Jew-haters as well as Israel-haters in the Liberal Party.

ht: NNW