Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Then Why Pile It Up?

Obama says that the debt could cause a "double-dip" recession.

Well, that's what's been said for a long time already.

But Obama himself has been spending like there's no tomorrow... tax dollars, plus borrowed dollars, plus printed new dollars, with reckless abandon.

So if he knows that the's hurting America, why is he doing it so happily?

Why does he continue to blow all that money?

It's not as if it's saving or creating any jobs at all.

Because it's not being spent in a way that would.

We know they're just using it for whatever they want, to hell with everyone else, and to hell with the future of America. It's all about themselves and their cronies.

No wonder Obama's approval rating is already floating on the surface of the toilet water, and periodically submerging...

People are shaking their heads, frustrated. And asking how soon can we possibly kick the bums out? Including Obama? Can we impeach him ASAP? Etc...