Sunday, November 15, 2009

Leftists Still Prejudiced, Bullying, Even Shooting At Prominent Non-Leftists

Have those left wingnuts no self-awareness that they're mean-spirited, intolerant, nasty, biased, prejudiced, hateful people?

The way they're so intolerant of, and bullying towards, those who dare to think for themselves rationally, logically, and with respect to observable empirical reality, is nothing short of shameful, disrespectful, supremacist and reprehensible!

They never treat folks like Obama with such aggressive badgering! They give HIM every benefit of the doubt, and ignore all the evidence that should give them second thoughts about him! They're like his brainless, koolaid-drunken-into-a-stupor, hypnotized submissive, worshipping-the-false-idol-as-if-a-god subjects, slaves and even rabid attack dogs.

Leftists think they're nice, open-minded and tolerant just because they brainlessly submit to left wingnut political correctness fascism regarding, most frequently, but not limited to, militantly revolutionary sexual extremists and hateful, intolerant, inciteful Islamic supremacists.

But Leftists are NOT those positive things at all, because they're mean-spiritedly discriminatory, intolerant and bullying towards those who are different without the protection of the Hard-Left Powers That Be.

Leftists are cut from the same cloth as Nazis and other white supremacists, whether they're "white" or not themselves. No wonder they identify so closely with Islamic supremacists and militantly extreme sexual extremists who seek to impose their views upon all of society no matter how rude they're being, no matter how unwanted their extreme, and sometimes distastefully decadent, or even dangerous views are.

Non-Leftists are RIGHT to treat Leftists with fairly-due suspicion and caution and to excuse themselves from getting into situations which are likely to end up in nothing more than aggressive, jihad-like interrogatory sessions and witchhunts against them.

Better to just walk away, ignore and forget about Leftists and their views as long as they're going to be so bigoted, intolerant, mean-spirited, etc.

Leftists deserve the silent treatment and the sight of our turned backs calmly, unruffledly cooly moving away from them. Send 'em the message that they'll be rejected for their bigotry and prejudice!

We don't have to take their hateful, unfair abuse at all! It's our right to ignore them!

And it's our right and Constitutional duty to uphold our Constitution and to wage a relentless, equal-and-oppositely-reactive, counter-revolution.

Must... take... our... rights... back.