Sunday, November 15, 2009

Horowitz On 9/11 Mastermind Trials

What- he worry? Really, he doesn't give a damn.

A man who understands the nature of the Left and of Leftists, as he's been there and had once been one himself, David Horowitz, dissects a dangerous, historically-significant decision whose horrific implications, via consequences, will soon become apparent.

The Worst Decision by a US President in History
this move continues and enlarges the refusal of the President and the American Left to recognize that:
  1. We are in a war that has been declared on us — in which we, in other words, are the victims.
  2. That the war is conducted by religious armies whose war is inspired by their reading of the Koran.
  3. That the number of Muslims who support their war plan is in the tens of millions
  4. That they are aided and abetted by many Islamic governments and by the international Left.

Daniel Pearl’s family opposes Justice decision to try KSM in federal court

“We are sorry to learn of the Justice Department decision to try KSM in a NYC Federal Court.

We are respectful of the legal process, but believe that giving confessed terrorists a worldwide platform to publicize their ideology sends the wrong message to potential terrorists, inviting them in essence, to resort to violence and cruelty in order to gain publicity.

We believe that justice is better served if the trial of KSM, the confessed murderer of Daniel Pearl, be held in closed session.”

WHY is Obama so hateful, mean-spirited, horrible? Hey, Barry, why are you so monstrously foolish?

Oh, wait... it's not Obama, after all. He knows no better, having no mind of his own, as we've seen him demonstrate so painfully whenever his talking points are suddenly unavailable. He's nothing but an elaborate puppet of unseen and barely-seen evil (including one terrible old fellow who's an admitted, and unrepentant, Nazi collaborator) folks who never have the fingers of damning truth pointed at themselves by the Big Old Media from which Americans continue to turn away in droves.