Friday, November 27, 2009

Tories The 'Stauncher' Defender Of Israel: Coyne

Commentary here. Read it all, to see how brutally fair he's being to both sides. Herein, I excerpt the parts that I'd use in arguing against the Liberal crybaby hypocrites.

ht: NNW
What did the Tory literature (“these vile flyers”—the Toronto Star), widely distributed in Liberal ridings with large numbers of Jewish voters, actually say? Not that the Liberal party was anti-Jew, or even anti-Israel, but only that it had not been as robust in the defence of Israel as the Tories have been.

This seems to me an entirely plausible, even obvious point. Indeed, at the time of the Israeli intervention in Lebanon, back in 2006, that was the Grits’ chief complaint—that the Tories, by siding so firmly with Israel in its campaign against Hezbollah, had departed from the Liberals’ traditional “balanced” approach in the Middle East; that they had forsaken Canada’s alleged historic role as “honest broker” in the region.

(...) if the question is who has in fact been the stauncher supporter, it hardly strikes me as controversial to conclude it’s the Tories, still less the outrageous libel the Liberals would have you believe.

Again, it's all about the truth, folks. And the truth always hurts the Liberals, so is it any wonder they go crying to the Big Old Media and to the Speaker, who himself seems to be absent-minded and wholly without realistic-and-fair perspective on his ruling against the Tory flyers.

Coyne also says:
The Tory pamphlet is harsh, simplistic, perhaps tendentious in places. But it is well within the accepted bounds of political debate, particularly as it has evolved in Canada.
Exactly. The Tory pamphlet doesn't go "beyond the pale", not like the Liberal attack ads do ("Soldiers. With guns. In the streets."- Remember that? Plus the Liberals waste no opportunity to illogically, insanely scream, "Look! See! Raaaaaacists!" Whenever the Tories reasonably disagree with the Liberals on politically correct stuff.)

Too bad most folks in the Big Old Media are too simple-minded compared to Andrew Coyne.

Is it any wonder that the best minds in the Big Old Media tend towards the conservative side of the spectrum?

The Tories don't have any lessons to take from Speaker Peter Milliken on this file. The Speaker is obviously having a brainfart. Too bad there's no higher Speaker to whom to appeal his very surprising, dumbassed ruling that the flyers are somehow unacceptable.

And don't forget that the Liberals aren't really supporters of Israel. Not as a party, that is. So those who support Israel have this to consider when voting. Who really stands up for Israel, the Tories or the Liberals? I think it's obvious.

Ok, time for a quick rant, inspired by the foregoing stuff...

The Liberals are only interested in POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and in adhering to whatever faddish far-left nonsense is in the air at any given time, because they're constantly looking for ways to fool left-leaning voters into thinking the Liberal Party is "all that" and really cares about anything or anyone at all.

Remember, the Liberals are really only making calculations as to which position might be expected to win the most votes from which constituencies. They know that since the Left is generally anti-Israel and anti-REAL-Jewish, that they better not be seen as being too-staunch supporters of the Good Guy in the Middle East, Israel, the only Jewish-founded nation on earth.

Sure, many who consider themselves to be Jews (mostly really just because they come from Jewish families, not necessarily because they're devout and follow the tenets of the faith) are Leftist. But anyone who's a Leftist, regardless of their professed faith (Judaism, Catholicism, etc., etc...), well, we've seen them betray their own professed faith over and over again, ie. with the pro-abortion stuff and the pro-homosexual-marriage stuff, for example, both of which are forbidden by their faiths.

We see folks claiming to be Jewish going to demonstrations against Israel, even demanding the downfall of Israel. I'd say to take those folks with a grain of salt. I prefer to talk to those who genuinely adhere to their faith, because they're more trustworthy, essentially, because of this, and one knows they'll take the right position, even if if means to go against political correctness and the Left. In other words, those who say they will put politics ahead of their faith when it comes to such things as abortion and gutting the institution of marriage... they cannot be trusted, obviously, and can be expected to vote according to nothing other than political correctness, ie. what the Left demands at any given moment.

It's as if their true "religion" is to submit to the Left. Ah- it is, actually! What makes me mad is that they turn the Peoples' legislative buildings into their de-facto "Church of the Left", and, on many issues, as Leftists, vote according to nothing other than Political Correctness "Gospel". When they do this, they destroy democracy!

They will vote against the wishes of the majority in order to serve their Leftist faith. This destroys democracy. And the worst of those Leftists are those who falsely profess to be whatever established religion they claim. Seems to me they treat their professed churhces, synagogues, etc. (if they even bother to go), as nothing more than social meeting places and the rituals, etc., as nothing more than tradition, pomp and circumstance, something lovely and quaint and pleasant and relaxing to witness, plus a place where you get married and hold funerals. Their real "church" happens to be such a building like Parliament, the Capitol, etc., where they practice their actual "faith", the faith in the Left.

Just like the Kennedys in America. They profess to be Catholic, but, really, their Catholicism is a delusion. They're extraordinarily un-Catholic in the positions they push whilst in office. They needn't push these positions, especially as they're demanded only by fringe minorities of citizens, not the majority whom they're supposed to listen to, for the sake of democracy. Nevertheless, they're always pushing un-Catholic stuff, with shockingly unquestioning zeal, proving that their adherence to the Left-Wing-Extremist faith is far, far, far stronger than their professed faith in God and Jesus and the Bible. Just witness the Obamacrats voting for the unwanted-by-most-Americans Obamacare bill and demanding that it enshrine in law taxpayer funding of abortion. Just like Patrick Kennedy, who, for this zealousness, is in hot Holy Water with his professed Church, who knows he's being zealously un-Catholic. See what I'm talking about?

There's nothing wrong with opposing abortion and opposing the changing of the institution of marriage to something it isn't. Nothing wrong at all. One doesn't have to vote to appease Left-wing extremists. So those who profess to be or actually are of a particular faith SHOULDN'T, NEEDN'T feel that they HAVE to submit to the minority LEFTIST point of view when voting on legislation. They CAN vote according to their faith, especially when backed by the mainstream/majority of the People. But just watch LEFTIST politicians prove that, rather than being Catholic, Jewish, whatever, as they claim... that they really aren't, except in delusion, and are actually Neo-Communist Useful Idiots.

You know, the majority, the mainstream... really DON'T want the Left to impose its views on them!