Saturday, November 21, 2009

Raleigh, NC, Bans Mrs. Santa From Parade


Those crazy, crazy Leftist state apparatchiks/community organizers!

Their bizarre, pisspoor excuse: She'd just distract attention away from Santa. They even claim to discourage parade spectators from wearing Santa hats themselves "to avoid confusion".

Yeah, right. What lame, grade-K-esque logic/reasoning. Typically Leftist.

Whoever heard of Mrs. Santa being banned from a Santa Claus Parade? Like, WTF?!

I suggest that it's most likely submission to homo-normative pressure from the homosexual lobby. The militantly extreme political homosexual lobby claiming to represent mainstream Gaymerica doesn't want there to be evidence of "hetero-normativeness" in the Santa Parade, doesn't want there to be any suggestion that opposite-sex marriage is the norm. Perhaps parade organizers were initially told to include a same-sex "Santa couple" (probably two, one with two guys, one with two women) alongside the real Santa couple but negotiated and eventually agreed to ban/censor Mrs. Santa.

Let me tell y'all, they're not "preventing confusion". They're causing it!

Try to explain to the children who ask, "Where's Mrs. Santa? Is she sick or something?".

What are they going to tell the children? What did they do with Mrs. Santa?!

Clearly it's political correctness fascism running pell-mell like a chicken with its head chopped off!