Sunday, November 08, 2009

Hateful NY Islamic Supremacist Lauds Ft Hood Terrorist

Yousef al-Khattab

Ooooh, those peace-loving Muslims!

He praised the Islamic terrorist who commited murder in the name of Islam at Ft. Hood last week.

He runs an Islamic-supremacist hate website.

Like Hasan -- whose pro-homicide bomber rhetoric on the Web had caught the authorities' attention -- the FBI is well aware of al-Khattab's dangerous online lunacy, but they are unable to do much about it as he just skirts the line between protected speech and inciting violence.

"It's terrible. It's reprehensible. For the mosques it's a p.r. nightmare. He's probably putting members of the mosque in danger from attacks from non-Muslims, but he's not breaking the law," said Barry Covert, a First Amendment lawyer in Buffalo.

He said that unless al-Khattab incites people to immediate acts of violence, the Constitution protects him.

Bullshit. He HAS incited violence!

"Please throw liquid drain cleaner in their faces," he wrote. " … burn their flammable sukkos while they sleep … Ya Allah (Oh God) answer my duaa (prayer)." ("Sukkos" refers to the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, during which Jews build and eat their meals in outdoor huts known as "sukkahs," which represent the huts the Jews lived in during their exodus from Egypt.)

Al Khattab insists that his hatred is protected by the First Amendment. "If it was a threat, I'd be in jail," the 41-year-old al-Khattab told in October.

Ah. The First Amendment. NOW the leftist/dhimmi state apparatus under the Obamacrat Reich cares about the Constitution and about Americans' rights. Funny how they don't care about the Constitution when imposing unconstitutional, oppressive legislation onto America, but they do when Muslims go around telling people to throw Drano into peoples' faces and burn their houses down!

Of course, they only care about Muslims' rights... any other American is pretty much dirt to this hatefully extremist, far-left administration.

Rest assured that if anyone ran a website and wrote about splashing drain cleaner on Muslims' faces and burning their houses down, they'd be arrested, convicted and jailed.

See? I've said that there's a LOT of hateful, dangerous Muslims out there. But what does the Left do? They pretend that there's a far greater threat from "white supremacists, neo-Nazis, skinheads, anti-abortion activists, states' rights activists, people who care about the Constitution, etc...". But show me the murders those folks are going around inciting and commiting all the time like those hateful, dangerous Islamic supremacists are doing so much!