Wednesday, November 11, 2009

More Evidence Obama Discriminates Against Israel

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Obama will gleefully have his picture taken with the likes of neo-communist despot Hugo Chavez and the evil Saudi king (bowing in submission to the latter).

But he refuses to release any pictures of him meeting with Israeli PM Netanyahu.

And he had his people bring the PM to the White House in a rather ordinary vehicle rather than a proper, official Presidential vehicle, which is the norm for visiting heads of state.

Obviously it's an optics thing. And it's offensive and very telling, too.

"Think of it: Our closest ally in the region, critical issues at stake (from Iran's nuclear program and the recent Israeli seizure of an Iranian arms shipment meant for Hezbollah to Abbas' announcement), yet the Israelis get no answer," Abrams writes.

"Obama and his 'experts' may think they are reminding Netanyahu who is boss, but they are in fact reminding all of us why Israelis no longer trust Obama – and making closer cooperation between the two governments that much harder."

It's an error, and evidence of ignorance of the self-sufficient, go-it-alone-if-necessary nature of Israel, to try to talk down to Israel and boss her around. Who does Obama think he is? He won't talk down to, and won't boss around the likes of China, Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, and, hell, he won't talk down to even the lowly, non-state-entity, self-labelled "Palestine", which is nothing more than a geopolitical area used by evil international regimes for the purpose of playing extremely risky, deadly strategic games.

The blatant, arrogant disrespect with which the Obamacrat Reich is treating Israel and her leaders is only going to make it harder and harder to get them to listen, to get them to trust the current, Judeophobic-beneath-the-surface, hard-left Reich now oppressing America after lying, misrepresenting and otherwise cheating their way to victory.

Pity the Obamacrat Reich is actually too stupid to realize what they're bringing forth. Do they really expect Israel to bow before them in submission? If they do so believe, then they're astonishingly delusional, which won't be surprising, considering the essential nature of neo-communist ideologue extremist revolutionaries, which the Obamacrats no doubt are.

Refusal to side with the only nation in the Middle East that's founded on and practices/respects freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights, is to effectively side with the freedom-and-human-rights-hating Enemy instead. It's pretty much like siding with the Axis against the Allies.

Siding with Israel is the right thing to do. To try to treat Israel the same as, or worse than, "Palestine" and other malevolent, terrorism-facilitating Islamic theocracies in the region, is plainly, simply wrong, unethical, immoral... and a betrayal of the fundamental principles which the likes of Obama have formally sworn to uphold.

It's not true that there's something wrong with always siding with freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. It's always right to take that side, as opposed to the side of those who hate all of those things!

It's wrong to be "even-handed" with respect to the Middle East situation, just as it would've been wrong to be "even-handed" with Nazi Germany vis-a-vis the nations she was attacking/invading/occupying. That would've been wrong, obviously, and only deranged fools believe otherwise! Just think about it! Good is good and bad is bad, and that's that. Always go with the good! Simplistic, the Left says? Well, I'd point out that "even-handed" is worse than mere simplism, for it's actually lazy-minded to take the easy approach so as to placate both the good guys and bad guys so neither will get mad at one. I would suggest that this "even-handedness" is a strategic/propaganda tactic for the Left, as they need to pretend to not be against the side of Good, for to blatantly side with the side of Bad would turn the People against the Left, so the Left must misrepresent itself as "even-handed" as opposed to openly siding with the Bad.

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were NOT "even handed" when it came to the treatment of Communist regimes during the Cold War. They were 100% onside with freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights and would tolerate no Communist gobbleddygook. They stood resolutely, always ready to back up their words with thoroughly devastating action. And their approach worked. Unfortunately, the domestic Left has continued the Foreign Enemy's work, from within, to this day, and has actually achieved power, likely with a little suggestion, as to what to think and do, from the Foreign Enemy with whom they're associated...

Therefore, I stand resolutely with Israel, as I stand resolutely with my own country and with the People of America and of the Free World, notwithstanding whatever ilk of folks currently govern their nations.

The Left as a whole is always siding with our Enemies, the Enemies of Freedom, Democracy, the Rule of Law and Human Rights.

I, and millions of others, however, resolutely side on the right side, against the clearly malevolent-in-ultimate-intent Enemies.

Of course it's "us versus them"! Of bloody course! If it isn't, then that means we're bad, too!

Good does not equal bad; therefore one has to pick one! To treat them equally, to be "even-handed" between them, is to delude oneself, and to effectively surrender to badness.

I'm not fooled by propaganda and emotional implorations to trust the Enemy, for I understand the essential nature of regimes which forbid fundamental freedoms, real, valid democracy, real, reliable rule of law and fundamental human rights. Nor are millions and millions of others, and our ranks are growing all the time.

As the Axis rises and prepares to one day attempt to take over the world, and, mark my words, they WILL try to do this, We the People of the Free World know what's coming and will be prepared to take back the reins of power in our lands from the Left, rightly marginalizing the Left for its support of our enemies, and doing the right thing again, backed with the power of properly-informed democratic direction of principled freedom-loving leaders.

Things are bad, like in 1938. But when the truth becomes undeniable to so many more folks who will eventually have been awakened by the doubtlessly-coming super-shocks of the future, the Good Guys will again quickly rise to meet the Bad Guys in battle to protect the God-given gifts of freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.