Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Conservative Female Firebrands

I just LOVE 'em!

Now, these women truly represent the equality and independence and freedom of choice of the Free World's women.

I totally want to see such a woman as the next American President. Let me tell you, Obama can't hold a candle to these women. These women, in terms of intelligence and understanding of the world, and of being independent, rather than mere puppets, well, they kick sand into False Alpha Male Barry-O's face, and then the poor guy just dries up and blows away...

Anyone who would spew baseless, prejudicial, malicious-rumors-and-smears-dripping hatred against them is just a hateful, lazy-minded "progressive" weenie who fears smart, strong, independent-minded women who freely make the choices they want, rather than the choices society and the Big Media tell them they're supposed to. Such folks who would demonize political women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, plus commentators such as Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Kate McMillan, etc., well, such folks simply aren't thinking clearly, and most frequently don't have the correct information to feed clear thinking, as they're fed a steady diet of propaganda from the Left.

My kingdom for a world run by powerful, driven conservative women who take no crap from anybody!