Monday, November 23, 2009

Cdn Lefty Opposition Unfair To US Republicans

We've seen the Obamacrat Regime engage in a massive propaganda campaign to demonize all who disagree with The Agenda. We've seen them use silly slurs like "teabaggers", "The Mob", "racists", "Nazis", "Astroturf", "extremists", "not a real news organization", etc., etc.

There's no missing it. It's impossible to miss it, unless one is in some kind of reality-isolation-chamber which prevents any information about the real world from coming to one's attention.

The Republicans' communications efforts, in comparison, have been wimpy and submissive. In fact, many conservatives are disappointed at the cowardly weakness of the GOP's "opposition" to The Agenda! Of course, there's a few real-conservative Republicans who don't submit, but we're talking about the party establishment in general.

So it's very, very rich for the Canadian Leftist Opposition to accuse the Conservative government of "US-Republican-style-smears".

Admit it, Lefty dummies! You really mean Obamacrat Regime-style smears!

Come on, guys... your dishonesty is blatantly unmissable. Your pants and gitchies are down around your ankles, Bill Clinton-style, and we can see your tiny little pathetic wee-wees and excessively bushy woo-woos (they bear an eerie resemblance to David Suzuki, y'know)... don't you realize that you can't hide the plain truth when you act like this?

I think that the government's retorts to the Opposition's screaming about cover-up conspiracy theories are perfectly legitimate and hardly anywhere near as disingenously smeary as the propaganda we see coming from the hellish Obamacrat Reich.

When the opposition seized on his allegations of a cover-up and wider Afghan abuse of prisoners Mr. MacKay responded with an accusation that Liberal MP Bob Rae (Toronto Centre, Ont.) was relying on testimony from "people who throw acid in the faces of schoolchildren and who blow up buses of civilians in their own country." Mr. MacKay said the opposition was relying on "second and third hand information and Taliban information."
Well, Mr. MacKay does have a good point. Who in their right mind (oh, wait... Bob Rae et al, wellllll...) would believe anything the Enemy would tell them, particularly when what they claim is damaging to the Good Guys' side?

The claims prompted NDP Leader Jack Layton (Toronto Danforth, Ont.) to recall the government's attacks against the opposition during a 2007 controversy over detainees, when Harper accused then Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion (Saint-Laurent-Cartierville, Que.) of sympathizing with the Taliban. Conservative MPs at the time also derided former NDP MP Dawn Black in similar fashion, heckling her as "Burqa Black" and "Taliban lover" during Question Period.
Again, good points. Why the hell is the Leftist Opposition taking the Bad Guys' side? I mean, we're at frickin' WAR, ferfricksake! Sheesh! Providing comfort to The Enemy, the Left is!

"I can understand the leader of the opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners; I just wish they would show the same passion for Canadian soldiers," said Mr. Harper said to Mr. Dion. The claim shocked the opposition and Mr. Dion demanded an apology, saying Mr. Harper had "insulted the entire Parliament."

Methinks the Opposition doeth protest too much. Geez!

Ok now...
NDP Leader Jack Layton (Toronto Danforth, Ont.) cited the response as being among the reasons the opposition is demanding a public inquiry into Colvin's claims. "These are very, very serious allegations and the government is attempting to sweep them under the rug and divert attention by calling those who raise questions names," he said.
Well, Jackov, what about the very, very serious allegations that Obama's not eligible to be President (come on now- did anyone ever see valid proof that he met the Constitution's requirements?), the allegations about the three-dozen-odd radically-extreme, dangerous "Czars" Obama's appointed, the very credible allegations, backed up with hard evidence, against ACORN, plus the very, very serious allegation that the Obamacrat Regime bought a Louisiana Senator's vote for Obamacare with $300 million? The list goes on and on and on. Yet it's all swept under the rug by the Powers that Be. Wonder if Jackov has a problem with that?

And then there's the very, very serious allegation that the Liberals still owe $40-odd million to the taxpayers, such money having gone missing during ADSCAM?

Ah... who can take the Left seriously? They're so hypocritical, so double-standard-practicing.

When they come clean, then we can listen to, take 'em seriously and talk to 'em.

Besides, for all we know, Colvin could be nothing more than some cranky-crackpot conspiracy theorist, in line with the "9/11 Truthers". Perhaps the government ought to treat anyone who takes him seriously the same way the Obamacrat Reich and the Big Old Media treat those who simply demand to see Obama's real birth certificate...

Would Colvin like to provide some PROOF?

Without PROOF, Colvin's explosive claims are no better than, say, Van Jones alleging that Bush knew that 9/11 was going to happen...

I always roll my eyes and shake my head when Leftists point hypocritical fingers and pretend to be "shocked" and "appalled" and all that bullshit.

The Canadian Left really ought not to smear the US Republicans by falsely accusing them of doing what it's really the Leftist Obamacrats who are doing. (Hmm... not sure if that sentence really works... haven't had enough coffee yet!).

Just providing fair perspective and food for thought. Of course, the Leftists aren't biting...