Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Islamic Supremacist Commits Hate Crime Against Christian In Mall

Nope, it's not the guy above. That's just the infamous Islamic Rage Boy, an Astroturfy professional "demonstrator". Oh, and he's a teabagging extremist, too.

HATE CRIME. By a MUSLIM against a Christian. UNPROVOKED.

Story here.

ht: Maz2
Police arrested 22-year-old Abdul Walid Hamid of Hayward on the evening of Wednesday, Nov. 4, after he reportedly tore a crucifix from a person's neck and scared others at Stoneridge Shopping Center.

Hamid, an employee at a mall kiosk near Starbucks, has been charged with battery, terrorist threats and grand theft.

According to reports, Hamid was yelling "Allah is power" and "Islam is great" while holding a pen in a fist over his head. Witnesses said he shouted anti-Christian comments, said police.

Lt. Mike Elerick of the Pleasanton Police Department said the man was not provoked and didn't threaten violence, but he committed robbery when he grabbed and broke a crucifix off someone's neck.
Clearly, it's also a hate crime. Duh!

This guy needs to be aggressively and thoroughly scrutinized by the intel agencies, DHS, etc. for possible ties to terrorism, a la the Ft. Hood terrorist. If they don't do their job, well, you know... what happened at Ft. Hood...

And Janet Napolitano must direct her minions in the DHS to issue a warning to American law enforcement agencies to BOLO for Islamic supremacist extremists.

Tearing a religious symbol off of someone's neck. Hate crime, ABSOLUTELY. The proof? Witnesses say he shouted anti-Christian slurs. This guy needs to have his sentence made harsher, and if it isn't, then we can say that the whole "hate crimes" scheme is, in practice, a discriminatory fraud. Then there's the holding of the pen in clenched fist overhead, a threatening gesture. Technically, that's "assault".

In addition to a hate crime, this guy's act is also an act of terrorism, as he clearly terrorized people, and clearly intended to, whilst aggressively, forcefully asserting his belief in his supremacy as a Muslim.

Kind of like a Nazi Brownshirt. A Muslim Nazi Brownshirt.

Hmm. You know, Obama and Napolitano have been warning about a "coming anti-Muslim backlash". So where is it? Surely if there is one, the Big Old Media will tell us all damn day long.

So where's the "anti-Muslim backlash"? Got nothing? Ok, then...

Anti-Muslim backlash? Hardly, my dear Obama!