Friday, November 20, 2009

Liberals On Thin Ice With Questionable Counterattack

It pains me to witness Irwin Cotler's failure to acknowledge the undeniable reality that the party to which he belongs and so vociferously defends has a clear, blatant anti-Jewish element within, which exerts significant influence upon the Party's positions and policies.

It's as if Mr. Cotler's loyalty to his Party is stronger to him than his loyalty to his faith... so much stronger, in fact, that he pretends that there's no Jew-haters within the Party who hate folks like him and folks like his comrade Bob Rae's wife, who's Jewish, too. Poor Mr. Cotler... deeply in denial...

You remember when a Liberal was heard telling someone not to vote for Rae for the leadership position because his wife was Jewish? And how the person to whom that Jew-hater said it responded that she was Mrs. Rae? Ah, the Anti-Jew Element is hard to miss!

Who can forget the reality that the anti-Jew/anti-Israel/pro-terrorism-against-Israelis Islamic supremacist Mohammed Elmasry is or has been a Liberal? Of course, Elmasry is only one example of the anti-Jewish element within the LPC.

Then there's Omar "Victory for Islam!!!" Alghabra. Guy denies uttering the frightening words, but witnesses say he did, and that his denial is a lie. Who to believe? The Taqiyya Guy or a bunch of Liberal Party witnesses who say he said the scary words? Relevance: Islamic supremacists are, in essence, anti-Jewish.

Oh, and Ezra Levant, Canadian Freedom Fighter Extraordinaire, weighs in...

Ezra explains how the offensive-to-guilty-Liberals Conservative mailout isn't an accusation of anti-Jewishness against the Liberals, but rather a truthful presentation of facts for people to consider and keep in mind on Voting Day.

Here's just a little excerpt about the inconvenient truth (inconvenient to the Liberals, who know they're in the spotlight, being exposed for their anti-Jewish hidden agenda and must squeal like the stuck pigs they are, must be seen as denying it all angrily, hoping the Tories will shut up). Remember, there's much more at Ezra's post, so do read it all to see for yourself that the Liberals are claiming their hands are clean while we can see they're actually as dirty as those of a monkey throwing his poopers hither and tither.

Ignatieff's war crime comments weren't a slip of the tongue; they were the reiteration of Ignatieff's long-held views about Israel -- views that may have been fashionable in Ignatieff's academic circles in the U.K., but that are shockingly out of touch with Canadian political norms.

Take this insane rant that Ignatieff wrote for London's Guardian in 2002. Funny enough, I came across that article courtesy of Warren Kinsella, who wrote on this website that he "objected to" Ignatieff's comparison of Israel to "the fascism of apartheid". Apparently Kinsella no longer objects to that grotesque comparison, for he's scrubbed his criticism from his blog, and went to work for Ignatieff as a senior aide. But I agree with the old Kinsella: Ignatieff's comparison of apartheid South Africa to democratic, pluralistic Israel, where Arabs sit in the Knesset and even on the Supreme Court, is odious. I wouldn't call it anti-Semitic; but it's just an arms-length away. I guess Kinsella is comfortable with that. Then again, Kinsella is the political operative who gave help and advice to the anti-Semitic Canadian Islamic Congress in their censorship campaign against Maclean's. That's bad enough, but the CIC is a notorious apologist for terrorism. Its president at the time, Mohamed Elmasry, had said that it was legitimate for terrorist to kill any Israeli adult. Elmasry was a delegate to the last Liberal leadership convention, so I guess a lot of people share Kinsella's comfort level with Jew-hatred in his party, though I doubt even Ignatieff would work for Elmasry's bigoted group like Kinsella did.

LPC says they're not anti-Jewish? Well, I say let the People look at the preponderance of evidence and decide for themselves.