Monday, November 09, 2009

Chuck Norris Discusses Ft Hood Terrorist Attack

Chuck Norris, above, demonstrates in the abstract for Obama what Obama's supposed to be doing, as opposed to bowing to 'em.


He's got some good stuff for us. Here's some of it:
The questions that keep coming to my mind are: Have we become so tolerant and politically correct that we can't see or confront a rotten apple when it's right in front of our eyes? When our fear of discrimination enables our enemies, can't we see something is grimly amiss?


At the same time, we must not stick our heads in the religious sands and call all these fatal acts "isolated incidents." We should not ignore the systemic nature and embryonic potential of fanaticism inherent within many. And we must not allow our cultural infatuation with passivity and tolerance to restrain us from searching for and stopping such militant rudimentary resistance, especially on our military posts.


Since before Sept. 11, Islamic extremists have continued to infiltrate the ranks of our armed forces and cause mayhem in many military settings. As far back as March 2003, commentator Michelle Malkin and others have documented U.S. jihadist acts of violence by U.S. Muslim military personnel.
He also expresses disappointment in the attitude of the Big Media and of Obama regarding the terrorist. Here's what he has to say to Obama:

He says that the terrorist deserves the same fate he imposed on his fellow soldiers last week.
It's time our federal government woke up and realized that jihadists are not done planning and plotting against the U.S. and that a terrorist is not only defined by being a card-carrying member of al-Qaida. It's time our federal government better assured the protection of our valiant service men and women, not only in the Middle East but right here on American soil.
I believe Chuck Norris is thinking what you and I are thinking.

Obviously the Obamacrat Reich and the Big Old Media aren't. Because they're not like us.

Hey, Obama, Chuck Norris is talking to you. Ah, good; I see you're listening to him. But of course... after all, everyone knows they better feckin' well listen to Chuck Norris...