Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ultra-Left Liberal Brison Forced To Apologize For Hateful Slur

Liberal Scott Brison

I see a "teachable moment" arising here...

Remember when he hatefully told a woman to kiss his ass?


Hypersensitive, foulmouthed, out-of-control, insult-spewing rude Liberal MP Scott Brison has done it again.
"There’s a pavilion," shouted Mr. Brison, suggesting that Mr. Del Mastro was a pavilion himself.


Mr. Brison is the second Liberal MP to have to apologize for commenting on Mr. Del Mastro’s girth. Two weeks ago, Scarborough Liberal MP Michelle Simson sent a tweet — an online message — during a committee meeting: "M.P. Del Mastro should grow up (not out)."
Second Liberal to attack the same Conservative on the basis of a medical condition which he's been working on fixing... My, but aren't those Liberals soooo grownup and tolerant themselves?

You know, if a Conservative, even, say, fourteen years ago, had said something not-nice about gay folks or something mean about Scott himself, highlighting his homosexual preferences, Scott might not necessarily accept an apology graciously and "move on". I suspect he'd, like many of his Liberal (plus fellow-traveller/useful-idiot NDP and Bloc-Q ultra-leftist) cronies, use it to paint the entire Conservative party as "Neanderthal, hairy-knuckle-dragging bigots and rednecks" and would demand that the offending Tory MP be fired and would say to voters, "don't vote for those guys- they're horrible monsters who hate everybody!".

So next time Scott finds himself being insulted for anything, including his lifestyle choices, he must remember how he felt whilst being under pressure for uttering a hateful slur himself and hoping that he won't get into too-deep shit as a result.

Remember, Scott, the Golden Rule...

Next time you're talking in the House about fruit (the food, mind you... don't be so paranoid, eh!), Scott, and someone says, "Look who's talking about fruit!", I'd hope you'd accept their apology for being momentarily rude and poopheaded just as you hope that Mr. Del Mastro accepts yours for being a momentarily rude poophead yourself and calling him a "pavilion".

By the way, Scott, have you forgiven Mr. Lukiwski for what he said about fourteen years ago on a drunken party tape? You know, the poopheaded "homosexual faggots" utterance? Have you forgiven him? Well, if you're forgiven for hatefully slurring a larger individual as a "pavilion", then you'd better be sure to forgive Mr. Lukiwski... I'd really not want you to expose yourself as a double-standard-practicing hypocrite, Scott!

And did you ever apologize to the woman you nastily told to "kiss your ass"?

Speaking of asses, Scott, please put on some pants! And standing like that in front of an open fridge won't make you look good if you've none on!

Liberal Scott Brison exposes himself again.
This time...
Must've been in David Miller's Toronto...