Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Another Dangerous Islamic Supremacist Incites

Zaid Shakir, Islamic hate/violence preacher

If this guy was a white supremacist spewing hate, supremacism and murderous incitement, the "progressive" community, the Big Media and Obamacrat Reich would be making a big, fat, hairy deal over the grave, clear and present danger posed by him and his ilk to Americans.

Instead, they "portray him as a moderate", because, instead of being a very dangerous "white supremacist", he's a special, exempt, very dangerous Islamic supremacist. Obviously it's bad to be a white supremacist, but we're not allowed to point to what this guy's been saying and say, "Look, he's deranged and dangerous! He's inciting hatred and murder! Why don't the authorities arrest him under hate crimes and other laws that get enforced against other kinds of folks who are far less of a threat, if at all?".

Story here.
Radical Islamic cleric Zaid Shakir, a frequent guest speaker at CAIR events, tells his Muslim audiences: "Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad."
He has recommended that Muslims hijack a US Air Force troop carrier, specifying the 82nd Airborne.
Shakir, a black convert, has been portrayed as a moderate in the mainstream media, including the New York Times, which recently ran a positive profile of him. His pro-jihad statements revealed in "Muslim Mafia" have not been previously reported. CAIR has sued and obtained a temporary restraining order to censor the book's documentary evidence detailing CAIR's support of terrorism and obstruction of FBI investigations.


CAIR has invited Shakir back to speak at its events even after the FBI questioned him about a copy of one of his incendiary pamphlets found in the apartment of a suspect in the first World Trade Center bombing. The pro-jihad pamphlet lauded the "armed struggle" that brought about the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are dying in record numbers from Taliban and al-Qaida ambushes.


Shakir advises the Muslim community in America to wage a cultural jihad now, and a violent jihad later – once the proper "infrastructure" is in place.

He says Muslims should respect American democracy insofar as it can be exploited to help the Brotherhood one day assume power here.

(Emphasis mine)

...and he's just one of many hateful, horrible, dangerous Islamic supremacist propagandists who are telling Muslims that they're supposed to hate non-Muslims and to kill people, and to Islamize America, first culturally, then violently, so that the Muslim Brotherhood can then rule it as an Islamic theocratic kalifate.

In other words, they wish to take America away, take away Americans' liberties, democracy, rule of law and human rights.

They'll enslave, rape, torture and murder women (as they do today in the Islamic world).

They'll execute all homosexuals (they already do it in the Islamic world today).

They'll execute whomever they please, even just because they want to, claiming that they must, according to Islam.

They'll basically require everyone to become a Muslim, or a slave.... or dead. It's in the Koran. Which they take literally and use as justification for any and all hatred and violence they practice.

...yet folks like Obama are telling us, "nothing to see here", to "not jump to conclusions" and to instead buy something he calls "healthcare insurance" or go to jail, etc., etc...

Meanwhile the Obama regime will be fearmongering about a "coming anti-Muslim backlash" that never comes when it's fearmongered (and this knee-jerk fearmongering, repeated in the Big Media, of course, has happened over and over again, with, instead, Jews and Christians and conservatives getting backlash from folks on Obama's side). It doesn't help that Obama and his minions incorrectly label ordinary Americans who disagree with any policy of the Obamacrat Reich as "dangerous extremists" to be "feared". All the while not saying anything about the dangerous Islamic supremacist jihadists who threaten us all each and every day, with the latest terrorist attack occuring in America just last week. By an Islamic supremacist.

Why aren't "progressives" alarmed... why are they not even concerned?

"Progressives" are always fearmongering about "Christians plotting to impose their views on us", yet we see the opposite happening instead- "progressives" imposing their views onto Christians.

That considered, how come we don't hear the "progressives" fearmongering about the Muslims plotting to take over America and (backed with deadly violence) impose their views onto them?