Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Makes Me Sick

...and disgusted, frustrated and angry.

What does?


It's all a Big Lie-backed movement to establish a nascent world communist regime, to redistribute trillions of dollars from the developed (and free) world to the less-developed (and generally not free, but rather tyrannical and oppressive, not to mention a threat to the developed, free world, when one considers their ties to the rich, powerful non-free states like China, Russia and Iran) world.

This bizarre, frightening movement seeks to make everyone "a citizen of the world", which sounds, when you also think of everything else they're demanding, like they're hellbent on abolishing the concept of separate nations with their own sovereignty and political systems and democratic institutions, etc, in favor of one world/one nation run by an elite, wealthy, powerful who-knows? Imagine a one-nation world run by a criminal organization!

(Click on the pic to go to their crazy-ass website. Sheesh- that little book could very well prove to be their "Mein Kampf", "The Communist Manifesto", "The Koran", "The Little Red Book"... Hell, it even uses the word "hope", just like Obama... puke-puke!)

Oh, look... they're doing the "community organizing" thing. Just like ACORN! Wanna join those brainless lemmings? Go on ahead without me! Let me tell you, it has all the look and feel of the FAR LEFT. Because that's what it is- a FAR LEFT THING!

They use the Big Lie of AGW/CC to frighten and bully us all into acquiescing to their insane, hidden-agenda demands.

I'd rather have a World War than submit to this incredibly insane, dangerous bullshit! I mean, we're talking about latter-day Hitlers, Stalins, Maos, Khomeinis!

I don't want to (and will NOT) surrender my country, my freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights to... WHOM AND WHAT!

I say to those dangerous-lunatic "Hopenhagen" crackpots,


All together now, holler it with me. Let them know that...


Better to fight for your life and see the end of the world than to live a life as a powerless, oppressed slave.