Saturday, November 14, 2009

Does Obama Really Believe In Universal Human Rights?

Don't hassle him about human rights. He's too busy pretending he's hot shee-it.

...or does he just use them for rhetorical bullying when imposing new, unpopular policies?

After all, he NEVER criticizes the Islamic World for their total refusal to respect human rights. He's 100% silent on that.

So far, he's been 100% silent on the Chinese Communist regime's 100% refusal to respect human rights.

I guess he only wants to use the concept of human rights for rhetorical and public relations effect when pushing unwanted unpopular legislation that further empowers thee State over the People. Oh, yep, Obama and the Demmies will impose what they call "human rights" onto Americans, but they won't dare try to implore or coerce evil regimes into respecting even the most fundamental, universal human rights. What bullshit!

Story here.

Why don't the exalted-by-the-hard-left-and-Big-Media GLBTs and the CAIR and all those extremist groups that claim to take human rights so incredibly seriously march colorfully and loudly all over the place to demand that Obama, for whom they voted en masse, push the murderous Communist regime of China to respect human rights and end their oppression, tyranny, torture and frequent murderous activities for once and for all? I guess the GLBTs and the CAIR generally don't mean it when they preach about the importance of respecting human rights. They only seem to give a damn about what they claim are their "human rights", such as "gay marriage" and leaving the Islamic supremacists alone to plot their takeover of the Free World and imposition of Islam and Sharia Law as the sole state apparatus.

How come the world turned their back on South Africa's former Apartheid regime for their refusal to respect human rights, but they don't give a crap about horribly mean-spirited, discriminatory, totalitarian regimes such as China and Iran? Leftists cannot justify this glaring, intolerable juxtaposition! What- is it ok to ignore peoples' human rights as long as those you oppress and tyrannize are the same race, etc., as you are? Sorry, but that's wrong... and racist.

My prediction: Obama will NOT give a fecking shee-it about the human rights of the Chinese People.

Obama just wants to make profitable deals with the Mob of China. It's all about MONEY!
Go ahead, all ye lazy-minded, uncaring "progressives". Support a so-called "president" who doesn't believe in universal fundamental human rights at all, and only cares about MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.