Saturday, November 28, 2009

Liberals Sound Like Broken Record

... or are now taking Chretien-era talking-point advice from their imposed-by-the-elites leader's brand-new Chief of Staff Peter DonOLO.

The more vague and simplistic the propaganda the better. Seems to have worked for the Chretien Liberal Reich.

But that was then.

This is now.

How far do those delusional old fools think they'll get today by recycling the same old meaningless gobbledygook, such as this familiar doozy from Ralph Goodale:

Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay said if the party wants success it has to remember its roots.

Oh? What "roots" does he talk about? Good, old-fashioned Classical Liberalism, or the neo-Communist, fascist, extremely divisive, big-government style of so-called "Liberalism", as we saw practiced by Trudeau and Chretien... which Canadians have had enough of, thank you very much!

Besides, the Conservatives now practice real, genuine, authentic classical liberalism.

Why, therefore, do we need fake "liberals", the Liberals, to pretend to be the real classical liberals when we know they aren't?

MacAulay is no stranger to political success. He has won seven elections and has represented the eastern P.E.I. riding of Cardigan for more than 20 years.
Again, that was then. This is now. Canadians have learned from the hardship what is the true nature of the Liberal Party, and the polls show it, and so do all those who stand up and be counted as "former Liberals". They're not going back. In fact, two never-say-die, hardcore partisan Liberal friends of mine are no longer Liberals, expressing, including profanity, the magnitude of disgust with their former comrades as we witnessed in those who fled the Mulroney PCs just prior to their near-death experience in 1993 and the concurrent rise of the Liberal fascist dictatorship of Chretien-Martin which ended up fomenting nothing less than the same amount of disgust and divisiveness, with both Quebec and Western separatism surging like never, never before.

“What I ask the leader and the Liberal party to do is to make sure that we put the policies in place that we have put in place over the last many years,” said MacAulay.

Now you know that they've lost it, when they say they're going to bring back the very policies that led to their defeat and subsequent continuing evisceration of voter esteem and support. They're at their lowest point in history, and they're waxing nostalgic about the "good old days" which actually led to their undoing.

That is perfectly in line with Albert Einstein's famous definition of insanity!

“It’s so important that we keep our true Liberal values, which most people in this country want.”

Again, talk about delusion.

If "most people in this country" wanted those policies, then don't you think they'd indicate so in the polls?

Yep. The Liberals haven't changed, nor has their party.

They're retrograde, change-phobic. They're addicted to the same stuff that's been rejected by the majority of Canadians.

They like to boast that they're "progressive".

But we can tell that they're regressive. Ie. they're sticking to the Left, which the People don't want anymore!

Let 'em carry on as such, though. The more they say, "We're Liberals. We're special. We're almost like gods. We are eternal, immortal. We're The Ones, just like Obama's The One in the States. We're the Natural Governing Party, and we're naturally entitled to rule the nation. Of course we'll be back.", the more they dig past the necessary six feet deep...

Besides, what are these "Liberal Values" of which they speak?

Does anyone have a link to a photograph of the original, and presumedly very-yellowed-and-brittle-by-now, document and text of those famous things? What are they? Where were they first deemed and etched into stone and read by a bearded guy standing on a mountain after coming from a meeting in which the stone tablets were provided to him by the Supreme Overlord of the Left?

I suppose they'll just post online some sort of "Certification Of Liberal Values", or COLV, which claims to condense the original, long-form document which we don't even know to exist, because they won't let us see the damn thing for some bizarre, unstated reason, simply calling us "birthers", "racists" and "crackpots" for asking in the first place! Hmm... sounds familiar... I guess we can therefore conclude that there's no such thing as "Liberal Values", then...

Are "Liberal Values" therefore really just the latest faddish gobbleddygook positions of The Left, such as SSM, which they imposed without a democratic mandate, and the now-exposed-as-a-fraud-and-criminal-conspiracy CLIMATEGATE? I suppose ADSCAM was, at the time it was being commited, a "Liberal Value"?