Sunday, November 08, 2009

ACORN Office Raided By Authorities In New Orleans

Photo: Authorities raid an ACORN location in Las Vegas in October
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Hard to believe the sugarcoated, criminal/ideological/partisan extremist front group ACORN still hasn't been forced to fold.

Story here.

State investigators raided ACORN offices on Friday, taking away computer hard drives and documents as part of a probe into alleged embezzlement and tax fraud when the organization's national headquarters was based in New Orleans.

"This is an investigation of everything — ACORN, the national organization, the local organization and all of its affiliated entities, specifically as it relates to any potential violations of Louisiana law," Assistant Attorney General David Caldwell said.

ACORN staff on the scene declined to comment, but an attorney for the group said in a statement the raid was prompted by allegations that former ACORN employees had removed or altered electronic documents and may do so in the future.

Ok, now they'll have to do the same for the already-exposed-by-a-civilian-sting-operation-just-like-ACORN Islamic supremacist/imperialist front group CAIR, which is, in the Islamic world hierarchy, just below the murderously hateful Hamas, which is itself just below the top-rung, historically-tied-to-Hitler's-Nazis, Muslim Brotherhood, which seeks to Islamize the entire world in whatever way it can, and, as a result, take away all freedom, democracy, rule of non-Sharia law and human rights, effectively returning the world to the horrific days of savage barbarianism, such as we've seen under the Taliban whom Obama arrogantly, steadfastly refuses to destroy.

ACORN, don't forget, helped elect Obama by commiting massive voter fraud.

I betcha they also registered Osama bin Laden to vote for Obama.

Dontcha figger the stinkin' old mountain goat would rather have Obama and the Dummies in power than someone who would be all over his and his fellow baddies' asses like a loaded-and-reeking diaper?